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Possible tension headache or ocular migraine causing undiagnosed pain.

I believe that I am suffering from a tension headache or an ocular migraine based on the feedback and analysis that I’ve received from multiple physicians due to possible trauma.
In my jaw, it can sometimes be painful which seems to trigger neck pain and a headache that covers specifically the right side of my neck, the upper right-middle part of my head, and pressure on the right side of my face behind and under my right eye. My vision then goes blurry/hazy. On a side note, sometimes my jaw on the ride side makes a crackling noise when I open it slowly and focus on the area.
My symptoms started about 4 years ago when I woke up one morning to find that the vision in my right eye was blurred. The symptom would occur at random, day and night. I've seen multiple optometrists, an ophthalmologist, a general physician and a neurologist and no would has found anything wrong as of yet. I have found a few things though.
- My jaw was loose once (right side) and a chiropractor adjusted it back in to place, which seemed to alleviate some pain and reduce the symptoms for the time being.
- When I was younger, my upper back received some trauma from being body slammed while playing football, which caused a vertebrae to move out of place (which was then adjusted back in by a professional). My upper back to this day will randomly start bothering me, which in turn may be causing a chain reaction.
- The headache that I get are *always* in the same acute place on my head, behind my eye, and under my eye (sinuses I believe)
- There are days when no symptoms occur at all, and there are days when they are heavy. Lately, they’ve been coming back far too often and in stronger waves. This started after I saw a dentist for a cleaning. The dentist confirmed that I did not have impacted wisdom teeth and everything was in the clear.
- The optometrists ran multiple and extensive tests with many machines and a laser that mapped out my eye, nothing to be found with my eye. They said by vision was excellent.
- The ophthalmologist found no issues with my eye or diseases/disoders.
- The neurologist believed that they were ocular migraines or tension headaches. I believe this is the closest and most accurate answer that I have received thus far. But the root cause is still to be determined.

I am willing to provide any information about myself if it will help.

I sincerely thank anyone for their input. I do apologize for the lengthy write up.
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