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Strong blood-flow in my head? Feels like I'm going to explode

(Tell me if this is too long!)

Hello here,

I've been having these very acute headaches the past few weeks and now it's getting a lot worse.
I'm 17 years old, male.

The first words I can think of to describe this pain are that it feels like blood is pumping intensely through my head/brain and it might pop a blood vessel the next second (at which point I'd be pretty much dead, no?).

By the way, I'm gonna say this rather now than later, but I'm a bit hypochondriac. When I see/feel something with my body that I hadn't seen/felt before, I generally expect the worse (diseases, etc.).

But anyway, this is a real issue because this is definitely not imaginary, I can feel the blood pumping through my head very strongly, somewhere at the back/center of my head/brain I'd say.

This has happened to me a lot in public, and I think it has something to do with nervousness, even though I can't explain to myself why I would be nervous on my way to school for example. All I know is that this usually happened along with sudden sweating, or rather itchiness around my whole body, which is why I connect this with some kind of nervousness because itchiness and raised body temperature (at least perceived) is usually what happens when one gets nervous (at least for me).

When this happened, the pain was mostly in the lower back of my head, maybe even above where my spine starts, which kind of gave the impression that my spine is actually causing this by somehow hitting against another bone of the head or my brain in a rough way, every step I take. The other possibility I can think of is that it had to do with my blood pumping.

That's why I connect the scary pain I've had the last, maybe two hours, with my heart or with an instability of the blood vessels in my head/brain.

Because the last two hours, I was reading in bed, and every time I got up this would happen, and after only a few minutes of lying in bed and then getting up, the pain could be so bad that I thought this was the end. (As I said, I'm pessimistic here.)

I also have to admit that I haven't done lots of physical activity for about a year or so now, in fact, I only hung around the computer 95% of my free time, and I still do pretty much. I'm not proud of it, but I'm kinda addicted to it :(

Anyway, I got a home-trainer (you know, one of those bicycles that don't move) recently and I try to ride on it every other day, maybe every other second day. (I do this for 20 minutes, ≈20km/h, medium resistance (like going a bit uphill) and I get rid of about 200-240 calories roughly.)

Perhaps I should also mention that I had a panic attack some weeks ago (ca. a month), my first one, while I was trying to fall asleep. (You all probably know this, but it seriously felt like dying!!)
I actually read on wikipedia.org that this can be one of the worst situations for a person. I got sick immediately after the PA and one or two days later I was also in a very uncomfortable state as I was trying to sleep. My heart would just beat as if I was walking up a set of never-ending stairs. And most of this activity was felt in my head/brain, which was, I think, the first time I had issues with my head/brain. The momentary blood-rushes in my head in public (lasting usually about 10-20 seconds) all happened after that awful week.

And now I experience it when I get up!! Although slightly different, as the pain is more in the back/center of my head/brain rather than in the very low center when it happened between today and four months ago when I was sick.

I'm even feeling it slightly on the side of my head/brain, well, I just did for a second a moment ago.

One more thing, I woke up today with a slight back-ache (lower back) and I just want to let you know in case this could _s o m e h o w_ be related. My back-pain has been getting worse throughout the day (probably by sitting in front of the computer, in an incorrect position) as have my terrible headache that I feel definitely has something to do with the blood.

My worst fear again, is that one of these times so much blood flows up into my head/brain that the pressure becomes too large and the blood vessel(s) pop(s) and I'm wasted.

I certainly know that I should do LOTS more sport as soon as possible, but I would greatly appreciate some doctor's words here, maybe tell me how severe this could be.

I hope I gave enough information for you to roughly pin down the reason for my pain.

Many thanks in advance,
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