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11 Month headache and mixture of other symptoms.

Hello, I don't want to ramble so I will just list my symptoms and how long I've had them, if anyone could help, that would be really great.

I'm a male in my early 20's who is generally medically well. Smoke around 10-15 cigarettes a day.

Since October 2016: Headaches 6 out of 7 days a week.

Lasting from an hour to up to 5 days continuously. All parts of head suffered, but slightly more often the forehead and crown of head. Sometimes they burn, ache, pulse, feel sensitive, or feel as though it's electrical. Sometimes they make me feel sick, but I have never vomited. Sometimes they make me feel dizzy but have never fallen. A few times I have been woken during sleep. Not made worse by time of day nor activity/movement but loud sounds sometimes make them worse. Nothing seemed to trigger them to start.

Since November/December 2016: Tinnitus (mainly in left ear) lasting around 30-60 minuets once or twice a month.

Very sound sensitive. A few days a week I am very sensitive to sound, feels uncomfortable and irritating. Quiet sounds appear louder, etc. This doesnt seem to be connected to my emotions, i,e: If I'm stressed or sad, it doesnt get worse and if I'm happy, I can still have it.

In January 2017 I saw an Optician. She said my headaches don't seem to be eye related (although I was given reading glasses) and if they continue, see my general doctor.

In May 2017, I had a brief appointment with a Neurologist. He said they're just tension-type headaches and not worrying, maybe caused by my 4 year anorexia nervosa which I have been recovered from for 3 years and they should soon pass.

Since July 2017: Eye floaters (I assume). I have been seeing small black spots, circle-ish shaped, which disappear quickly after I look at them directly. They're mostly on white or light surfaces (walls, doors, floors, etc). Not severe nor all day, usually just a handful of times per day.

In August 2017 I had 4 sessions of acupuncture. It hasn't changed any of my symptoms.

I have also had 'bowel problems' for around 2 years, although I don't think this is connected to my other symptoms. I am always either constipated for a few days or have mildly loose bowels. about 18 months ago I had a blood test for this - it was fine.

Also for about 6-8 months I have had very minor urinary problems. Sometimes an unsteady flow, sometimes doesn't feel as though I've fully emptied my bladder and very often urinary hesitancy.  

I have also had mild psoriasis for about 5 months.

I thought it might be worth mentioning those three things.

If anyone could help, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
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That's terrible to have chronic headaches.  I've had these as well.  I also had migraine headaches.  For me, they were often food related.  Anything with additives or fake sugar can trigger a headache for me.  They've ruled out a neurological cause and really, headaches CAN be related to tension.  I also, lucky me, was in a car accident which triggered chronic headaches.  What really helped me was massage.  Try an ice pack where the head is hurting next time and do you take ibuprofen?  Stretch the neck and shoulder area also helps with headaches due to muscle tension.  What does your general practitioner say about the headaches?
Ah, I'm glad mine are not effected by for like yours, sounds awful. Ice pack nor ibuprofen and similar things haven't helped mine. I have also tried OTC headache creams/sprays and so on. My GP said other than the acupuncture she couldn't recommend anything as the neurologist, optician and acupuncture were the only things she could come up with - haha. I know it sounds awful, but I can just FEEL that there's more to this than just headaches. Maybe we should try yoga, i've heard good things about that.
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Hi Jack - Sorry you're going through this.  While I was reading your post, I couldn't help but think you were writing it for me.  I've had headaches for the past 4 months now.  I've been to my GP doctor, Nurse practitioner, eye dr, Neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, OBGYN, and now have an appointment with my dentist next week.

I've yet to have two doctors say it's caused from the same thing.  I suffer from anxiety attacks and vertigo as well.  I've had EKG, MRI, and CT Scans.  All come back OK.  I'm wearing glasses now as well.  I grind my teeth.  A lot.  And that's why I'm now seeing a dentist.  My OB doctor thinks it's related to TMJ, and that because of the teeth grinding, i'm getting these headaches.  I do have pain in the back of my neck and upper back as well.  

I haven't tried acupuncture or chiropractor yet.  

Please keep me posted if you find anything out.  I'll do the same.  Stay strong.
Wow that's interesting! It's good you had a lot of scans, I wish I could have some to put my mind at rest but here in the UK (assuming youre from Chicago from your username) they do not give scans unless theyre seriously worried.

I hope your dentist can help and you figure out the definite cause of your symptoms. If not, you should defiantly try acupuncture because the success rate in headaches is very high :)

I hope your appointment goes well
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