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2 year daily headaches

Posted before on this, but headaches continue daily now going on 2 years.  Have seen local neurologists as well as in Chicago.  Have had mri's, Mra, and multiple labs.  All normal.  Feel weak and my walking is slower, my balance is terrible and I feel lousy every day.  Have to sleep a lot even after 9 hours of nightly sleep, which is not me. Life has drastically changed since this started as I need to sit or lie down so much. I feel like I am getting worse every day and don't know where to go.  Mayo denied me when this all started.
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I had migraines from magnesium deficiency. No more migraines when I started magnesium (try citrate or chelated).  Studies have shown those who have migranes have lower magnesium levels.

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I was done with all medicines, making me tired all day. Now I started chiropractic care for migraine.
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Did you have covid, by any chance?

One of the symptoms of long covid is headaches, and another is fatigue. The fatigue is just brutal.


I just read this article earlier today.


Do you know what type of headache it is?


It could also be something as simple as needing to change your pillow. Old pillows collect dust mites, and maybe it's just time for a new one. Test your house for mold, too. You can buy an inexpensive kit at a hardware store. It's not as accurate as someone coming to your house to do it, but it's a start before investing a good chunk of money.
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Oh, that's really frustrating. I'm a chronic headache sufferer myself. I had migraines for a good while and worked with a headache clinic at University of Cincinnati. I know Chicago has at least one excellent headache clinic. I now don't suffer but an occasional migraine but I have a different type of constant headache. It's like in my neck and moves up. I was in a car accident 25 years ago and this still plagues me. Massage helps. Do x rays show any thing with relation to your neck and spine? What type of headache is it? I just looked and if you are willing to go to Chicago, they have headache centers that look pretty awesome. I have a friend here in Cincy that went and stayed in a hospital setting at one of these places for a week while they tried to determine origin and then various med and holistic treatments to alleviate it. Does anything give you relief? Literally massage does help me and ibuprofen can some. Icy hot rubbed onto the area. stretching. actual ice on the area. All of these do help me a bit. But its' every day I suffer these. Have you ever tried anything psychiatric like an SSRI? Headache can be tension/anxiety/depression related. Again, let me know what kind of headache you are having.
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Have you gone through all the medication treatments that neurologists provide?  It is not pleasant but many people find something that helps. Don't ever give up!!!
Neurologists hasn't really suggested many drugs.  Told me to stop tylenol because of rebound. Advised to take magnesium daily. Ordered PT, which didn't help.  Did take a SSRI without any relief. What place offers various meds and holistic treatments?  Are they in Chicago.  Thank you all for your responses.

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