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2week long migrane

I've had a migrane for 2 weeks now. I do however have a family history of migrane headaches and severe headaches. As a child it got so bad I needed to get an MRI or cat scan (don't remember exactly I was around 6 when it happened). Nothing was abnormal everything was clear. Plus no family history of any problems brain wise (tumor anneyrisms etc). At this point they go away overnight but within 1-3 hours of waking up they come back full force, sometimes stronger than before. What can I do to get rid of/ get some short term relief from this? It doesn't respond to Tylenol or advil (or non brand name versions at all) and I'm at wits end. I'm so grumpy I am not letting anyone near me and I'm not sleeping properly.
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finding what triggers it is the key. Food sensitivity could be one of them. google thyramine intlorence. Could be blood platelet build up  Aspirin will take care of that.
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How are you? Are there other symptoms present? If the over-the-counter pain medications  do not help, you may need stronger prescription medications from your doctor. The duration of the headache will depend on the type of headache present.  Recent imaging studies such as CT scan or MRI may be indicated to help determine the underlying cause. Check with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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I cannot even begin to imagine what that feels like. I get crippling migraines 3 times or so per week, but they never last more than 4 to 6 hours or so - so there is on balance more time without headache than with.

I wish you strength, and hope you find relief soon.
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My 14-year-old son experiences similar symptoms. I came across the web site www.irlen.com last week and found some correlation from the syndrome described and my son's symptoms. The syndrome is a brain disorder that does not process visual information correctly. Headaches and migraines are a symptom. I wish I had known about this sooner. The colored glasses are the right start, but proper assessment with the correct colors are essential. I wish you luck.
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