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4 month headache. All day pain. No meds work.

So I am 22 years old and have a headache since late December of last year. I wake up with the pain and go to sleep with it. It was tolerable up until mid February and is now almost always at a level 6-7 pain. I haven’t been able to find triggers. I exercise six days a week and eat healthy. Hardly drink caffeine and don’t drink alcohol. The noise and light bothers me but it’s tolerable.
I have had three MRI’s and the radiologist found that my pineal gland is a bit larger than average size for women my age. He also found small cysts in the pineal region. However, my doctors cannot say that this is what is causing my headaches because pineal cysts rarely ever cause headaches, so my doctors tell me.
I have seen doctor after doctor, and have been told by one neurologist that it’s migraines and another neurologist told me it’s new daily persistent headache.
I have been prescribed loads of medicine such as gabapentin, topamax, sumatriptan, eletriptan, and indomethacin, but no medication takes the pain away. I even began taking excederin, but it has not helped either. Tylenol and ibuprofen do not help.
My headache has been four months long now and it is exhausting. I’m hoping someone may know something I don’t and could offer me information that could help me. I’m desperate at this point and just want to know what is causing me pain and why medicine doesn’t work.  
Many people tell me it’s migraine or tension headaches. But what migraine lasts nonstop for four months? And I’m not familiar with tension headaches.

Again, I just hope someone could help.
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That sounds literally horrible.  I'm so sorry to read you have ongoing pain like this!  I had migraines for years.  I found my trigger for that though (food flavor substitutes, fat free foods, artificial sweeteners).  But I found myself again suffering horrible headaches that were not true migraines but daily.  I tried a lot of things too.  My doctor finally referred me to a physical therapist. This helped me tremendously.  I learned various exercises and stretches that helped.  It is so strange to see how the muscles on your skull, neck and back interact and create pressure situations resulting in headaches.  I had a device for at home that I also used which sounds strange but you attached it with pads and it caused nerves to jump. That's the best way I can describe it.  I think it is called a spinal cord stimulating device.  But it is a lot less scary than that sounds.  It really helped. What helped the most was medical massage though.  

So, just throwing that out there.  

However, I do have to say that what I've read is that pineal gland cysts DO or at least 'can'  cause headaches. http://neuro.memorialhermann.org/pineal-cysts/
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