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I was on Amitriptyline-150mg and Topamax 100mg for at least a year for headaches.  Within the last three months I was put on Lexapro 10mg and Allerx PE also for my headaches.  My headaches are beginning to become under control with steroid injections and I am about to have sinus surgery.  My concern is that in the past year I have gained 35lbs.  I am a very active person who works out and also watches what I eat.  I don't know what to do.  I have gotten off of the Amitriptyline fully as of a week ago.  I no longer take Topamax(wow it can make you stupid!) I have been off of it for two months or so.  I stopped taking Lexapro two weeks ago.  What is going on??  Does this seem normal?  Thanks so much for you input.
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Topamax is a crazy stuff.  I was on it for a summer and I couldn't remember anything!   I'm a nurse and let me tell you, my boss actually thougth I was coming to work drunk because of the way I was acting.  Needless to say I stopped taking that medication shortly after.
The amitryptlyine was a terriable experiance for me as well.  The very first dose of 10mg (yes only 10mg!) I had blurred vision and I couldn't see anything other than colors for the half life of the medication.  
I'm so tired of the ER blowing me off as a drug seeker... I wish they knew what it felt like to have daily chronic headaches.  
I'm getting botox injections next month.  Hope it helps.  Good luck to you all.
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I can almost guarantee it was the Amitriptyline.  At least you stopped at 35 pounds - I gained 70lbs.  I stayed on it because the pain without it was SO bad.  Only about 25% of people who take it gain the weight but if you are one of them then there you go.

It will take a more than a week  to get it all out of your system but how old are you?  The younger, the faster the weight will come off.  I would blow off the weight loss until after the surgery.

Sorry to ask but do you go a healthy amount of a bowel movement everyday?  With this combination of meds I am betting you have alot of stuff in you.  Plus you are going to have surgery which will constipate you too.  I would ask the surgeon if you can start on a couple stool softeners a night for a while - depending on the answers to above.

By the time you are cleared from surgery, talk to the doc to make sure it is OK to workout and I bet you start losing weight soon.  I'm not a doc, just my two cents.
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