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Best way to treat migraine

What is the best way to treat migraine, when you've taken the medicine your Dr. has given you, but it's not working? I take Relpax 40 mg., sometime it helps and sometime it doesn't. Thanks Shortcake42
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How are you?
The best way to treat migraine is identification and avoidance of trigger. There are food triggers like red wine, processed meats, aged cheese, and caffeine, MSG which is abundant in Chinese foods, chocolates and food preservatives.
Other triggers can be bright light, loud noise and emotional and physical stress.
I would suggest you to maintain a headache diary which will help you ion identifying the trigger.
If your headaches cannot be controlled by relpax it is time to switch over to another drug or dosage adjustment.
Please discuss this with your specialist. Take care!
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Thank you for your help. I have an appointment with my Dr. on th 24th so I will talk to him about changing. Have a great day! Shortcake42
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Hi, I am not a doctor but have had very good luck taking Excedrin Migraine for mine.  If you haven't tried it, it is definitely worth a try.  It's an over the counter medication.  For me, it completely knocks out the pain very quickly.
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My doctor added a lidocaine nasal spray compound to my med. list.  I try it first, if it doesn't work, i take maxalt melt tabs.  My migraines are very severe and i have too many triggers too name, some i am not even aware of.  My family docs have never heard of this spray, so if you want the whole name to tell your doc to try it let me know. it has helped me. If i can ever not take po meds and avoid rebound headaches i am all for it!!!
Good Luck!
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Hi, I haven't heard of a lidocaine nasal spray, I would be very interested to know more about it as my current meds are not working anywhere near as well as they used to.
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I have had severe migranes (vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, intense headache for 3+ days) with aura for about 10 years. I've taken all kinds of different medications (imitrex, zomig, etc.), but once my Dr. finally put me on Relpax (40mg) it started to help. However, I have to take the Relpax with two excedrine migrane capsules at the onset of the aura or I am down for the next few days. It also generally helps if I sleep.

Hope this helps!
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I know it's been a while since you've posted... I hope everything is going well for you.  I was without insurance for a long time in between graduating from undergrad and my first job, and I was suffering with migraines, so I had to go with a lot of home remedies because OTC excedrin migraine made me very sick.  If I took something right away as soon as I noticed pain, I didn't wait to see if it was working or not.  I immediately got an ice pack.  I used to alternate between my forehead and the back of my neck.  Then when I finally got to see a neurologist, he suggested using both an ice pack and a heating pad and putting an ice pack on my forehead and a heating pad on my neck.  Light pressure, like resting a pillow on top of my head or touching my fingertips to my scalp sometimes helped.  I've also read something about soaking your feet in hot water (just keeping your feet warm in general), or even running your hands under hot water.  It has something to do with drawing blood from your head.  I personally haven't tried that one, but I'm going to keep it in mind.  I can't really think of anything else that I've tried, other than a big cup of coffee and a dark quiet room.  Good luck!
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