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Changes in headaches

I have suffered with severe headaches from a young age (I am now 38) and have noticed that they are becoming more constant and changing in the amount of pain that comes with it. Brain aneurysms do run in my family. I also am having a very stiff neck. The headaches are not on just one side. They cause pain all over. I have had this extreme headache for days and it will not go away. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Thanks.
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That sounds terrible.  I've had different types of headaches my whole life.  I did have true migraines which were a real witch, I tell ya.  I did a headache study at a clinic and found I had food sensitivity.  Flavor substitutes, artificial sugar and fat free food is a trigger for me.  I am careful about that now and do not have the migraines I did.  My hormones can trigger a headache though.  And I was in a car accident about 22 years ago.  The years after that accident were headache prone.  I had whip lash and that neck injury would tighten up either under stress or physical activity and shoot up behind my ear and I'd have the monster headache.  I saw a chiropractor, my gp, a physical therapist and a massage therapist for it. The physical therapist helped with stretching and trips to combat it, massage really relieved it at times.  Stretching the neck (dropping head down and moving chin in different directions, head side to side, etc.) helped.  Massaging helped.  Try an ice pack where it hurts.  But most of all, you need a medical evaluation that is complete to find out what is going on.  Headaches are not new for you so don't think the worse case, aneurism.  But look for the triggers and have a doctor work with you. The headache clinic I went to was excellent and I highly recommend a neurologist as someone who can greatly help.  I took no medication by the way other than ibuprofen and I DID take ibuprofen a good bit.  I didn't want other meds due to having an infant to care for and wanting to make sure I was lucid.  Anyway, let me know how you are doing and if you've seen a doctor for this!
Thank you I will try that. I am trying to put off seeing the doctor for as long as I can. I appreciate the advice specialmom thank you
Sometimes putting of seeing a doctor just keeps us suffering longer.  Really.  They may be able to put an end to this for you. And if something can get worse, you don't want to wait for it to do so.  good luck
I too recommend a doctor. I take maxalt for the relief of migraines and it does not cause me any side affects and the pain is gone within a half hour. It's non- narcotic and there is a generic form but I recommend the name brand. If they are migraines , they will go away. My GP prescribed it for me too.
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