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Chronic Migraines after Epidural/Spinals

Before the Birth of my daughter I had many tension headaches and only about 5-10 severe migraines.  Since the birth of my daughter I am at the hospital or urgent care as little as twice or as many as 8 times a month for severe migraines.  I take Topamax, I also have phenergan and Dilaudid at home but sometimes the dry heaving and migraines are so severe I have to seek help  my doctor sends me to out patient, I go to urgent care or if either of those are closed I go to the ER.  While I was about to have my C section I was given 4 spinals 3 epidurals ( none worked) and they poked my spine a total of 17 times.  I have slight scoliosis so they had trouble finding a spot.  They said the 27 hours of hard labor also made it hard.  I was finally put to sleep for my c section.  I did have a severe migraine after her birth for several days and since then she is not two and a half I live every day with a headache and suffer from SEVERE migraines they have profoundly damaged my quality of life.  My question is could something have been damaged to where certain movement or strain causes my migraines, could the excessive about of punctures to my spinal area be causing my problem, is it possible it could be a problem all these years later?  If so what kids of test could determine that.  I have had CT scans and MRI nothing was found but My husband and I just discussed the possibility that this could be what is causing my migraines.  I am still very soar in the area where the punctures where made. The healing from the punctures was more painful then healing from my C section.  I am seeing a new neurologist and want to see if my theory is even possible.  

THank you
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Thanks for writing in.
There is no clear cut association between epidurals and migraines. Migraines can however be triggered by stress both physical and emotional.
I would suggest you to maintain a headache diary and look for anyother association you can find with your migraine. It could be a food product or a drink or could even be external stress of some sort.
Are you taking any treatment for migraine?
Magnesium supplements and a natural supplement Migravent are known to work very well in migraines. They are great as preventive therapy. You can discuss these options with your doctor. Take care!
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I have kept a diary because they have been so severe for so long not just the migraines but the everyday headaches.  I went as far as doing a supervised detox where I cut just about everything out of my diet for 28 days and then one by one readded to my diet.  I am on Madnesium injections and my Rhemetologist has me on many vitiman and natural supplements.  It's just an everyday struggle it seems that no one has the answers and narcotics and a two year old just don't mix I am at my wits end!  I am on the topamax for preventative and a calcium channel blocker which also helps with my blood pressure one thing I notice is when I get severe migraines my face had extreme swelling.  I just thought if I posted I could get some new ideas and input I am seeing a new neurologist I am looking forward to it!
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I am going through the same thing right now. I am only 6 months out but in unbearable pain. What ended up happening? Any advice?
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Oh you poor thing! Ouchers.
Does your headpain improve when you lie down?

You might having spinal headaches. There could be a csf leak in your spine from all those pokes. If so, they might be able to do something called a bloodpatch to heal you up.

Laying flat, lots of fluid and even caffeine can help too.
Has anyone ever brought this up as a possibility?
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Hello! I am so sorry for what you've gone through. I see that your daughter was born several years ago. I hope that your condition has gone away and that you are healthy once again! If you receive this, I am curious about what ended up happening with your migraines long-term. My son is 10 months old. During labor, they told me that I was 4cm and I asked for an epi. They "missed" the 1st time and got it in the 2nd time. My son was born 2 minutes after they gave me the epi. Clearly I was not 4 cm. There was no doctor present and my mom ended up delivering the baby. Anyway, I had a blood patch 2 days after being released from the hospital and experienced almost immediate relief. Several months later, I developed the 1st migraine of my life...it lasted ~7 weeks. Each month is getting better. I am down to just a handful per month now, but more so experiencing vertigo/dizziness with light sensitivity than headaches. I swear that this is as a result of the dural puncture, but realize that hormones could very well be the case as well. I did not have any migraines after my daughter was born 2.5 yeas ago (no epidural complications). My neurologist has been unable to determine a direct link as to what is causing this yet. They have ruled out a leak though. It is helpful to meet someone in the same boat. Did your headaches go away? Did you end up having any other children? If so, how was your condition affect during pregnancy and postpartum? I appreciate anything you are willing to share!

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