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Classic Migraines

Every now and then I get a severe migraine that is always accompanied bith numbness and tingling in my arms, hands and face. The worst part is the very start of my migraine. I could be driving and in a blink of an eye I lose partial vision...usually peripheral vision. These are warning signs my migraine is on it's way, not a very good warning since this has happened driving my daughter to school. Then I become numb, it's pretty intense in my face, even my tongue. It's so weard! Then my vision usually gets better when the migraine starts. It always lasts between 8-12 hours then just becomes a dull ache through the following day. I live a very healthy lifestyle, I exercise and eat Organic, no dairy and think I am a fairly healthy person. Does anyone have any suggestions on preventing migraines for someone who does not use drugs of any kind over the counter or prescription? I'm always looking for that "Natural" cure. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am deperate to figure this out and to make thse migraines a thing of the past! Thank you!!
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Kasia, thank you. I will look into that!! Great suggestion!
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Maybe try acupuncture. I have been getting these weird headaches lately, even went to emergency twice because I didn't know what was happening to me After some tests and seeing 4 doctors, they all tried to cure me with Tylenol which doesn't work. One doctor finally figured out what I have and told me there are cortisone injections I can have (which I haven't ruled out yet, but I am very scared of that) or even surgery. But he also suggested acupuncture. I went for my first treatment the next day and already the pressure and paint was gone. I now go twice a week for treatments and I feel 100% better.
Acupuncture can work as a preventative treatment for you. I strongly recomend it.
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Yes I have been to a doctor and a neurologist. Both said they may be due to stress, they always say this when they don't know whats wrong. I am not a guinea pig and wont let them give me drugs to "SEE" if they work. I have no illnesses or diseases. I am very healthy. My migraines are not frequent at all, maybe 2-4 a year. But I spend a lot of my time wondering when will be the next one. When I do have one I'm in bed, unable to even move, can't talk, hear anything because even the slightest noice bothers me. I use ice and lay there crying for the entire time. The frequency and intensity of them are all usually the same. The drugs the Neurologist tried to give me was going to cause an average of 40 pounds weight gain. I threw that prescrption away before I even left his office! I do not and will not take prescription or over the counter drugs. I am looking for the "root" cause of this problem I am not trying to "mask" it.
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I have a few questions:

How often do you experience these migraines?

Are your headaches progressing in terms of frequency and intensity?

Do the headaches affect your daily activities?

I do understand that you may be hesitant in taking medications for the migraines. However, I would suggest that you have this assessed initially by a doctor so that other underlying disease conditions may be ruled out. Migraine headaches are only given as a diagnosis when other disease conditions have been eliminated. If the headaches appear to be more frequent and the severity appears to progress over time, you may need preventive migraine  therapy to decrease migraine frequency and duration.

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