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Constant Headaches

Hello, I have been experiencing headaches a lot for some time now and probably on average I get one every 2-3 days and sometimes they can be very severe effecting my work, concentration etc. I don't think they are a migraines as I don't seem to get blurry vision like has been described.
I have been to my GP a lot lately with bad hay fever and have been through the allergy tests and have been using antihistamines like most seasons. my main symptoms seem to be very itchy eyes and sinus issues. and this is what we thought was causing the headaches. But since going to my latest appointment and getting the hay fever steroid injection I have had very little hay fever symptoms, I would say I still get minor symptoms but no where near as severe.
But still I am getting the headaches, I have tried different painkillers like ibuprofen, paracetamol/codeine, voltaren these can help but not much. not to long ago my doctor prescribed me some tramadol mg tablets and these do work the best sometimes they don't get rid of the headache completely especially the days I get a headache that will last a full day. I guess I have come to this forum for two main questions:

Root cause of the headache - trying to find what this is, the only thing I can think of apart form the hay fever is I get tension (not sure if correct word) in my neck. I am often clicking my neck by tilting my head side to side. Could this be a cause? Not sure if this is an old injury maybe? I have tried a couple of different pillows. it doesn't cause pain usually its just discomfort and some times can be worse. its usually fine when I am active and walking around etc. I think I feel it more if I am sitting or laying down.

Treating the headaches - Sometimes I wonder if its worth using the ibuprofen or Panadol/codeine tablets. they seem to have very little effect if any most of the time so I don't take them very often as I don't bother. then the tramadol I try to only use in cases where its rather bad but of course this can be rather regular. Is tramadol something I should be using as it does work and give relief. I need to go back to the doctor in the next few days I just thought I would get some more ideas.
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Migraines can be caused by some trigger foods and drinks, stress, tension, anxiety, glaring at the computer screen for long periods of time and having lack of sleep.
Blurry vision is not always present with a migraine headache.  Migraine headaches can also vary in symptoms and intensity.  Some people may experience tingling in their lips.  I have every had 2 very severe migraine attacks in my life and I was extremely ill both times, but with one I saw like a white zig zag line when my eyes were open or shut.  
The foods and drinks that can trigger migraines are:
chocolate, coffee, cheese, oranges, red wine.  Everyone is different and what triggers your migraine, may not trigger off a migraine in someone else.  You may find too that you may have different trigger foods and drinks.
Make sure that you always drink sufficient fluids during the day (preferably water) so that you do not become dehydrated.  Dehydration can also cause feelings of illness and headaches.

You still may have a sinus problem and the way to help get rid of any congestion is my having steam inhalations.  To do a steam inhalation, boil up a kettleful of water and pour this into a bowl, taking care not to get scalded.  Put some Vick or Olbas oil or a few drops of any menthol oil that you may have.  Bend and cover your head and the bowl with a large towel.  Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this for a duration of 10 minutes and up to 4 times a day.

It is up to you and your doctor to decide and discuss the medication to use and one that helps you.  Unfortunately, the pills will mask the pain, but the underlying cause of the headaches is still there.  Some medications like Ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeds and should only ever be taken with or after food.  ALWAYS follow the directions given to you by your doctor or the directions on the packet.  Some medications like codeine can cause constipation.  

It appears to me though that a lot of your problems could be coming from the neck.  You may find sleeping with 1 medium sized pillow better for you (you should try this for a few days).  You may find having a neck and shoulder massage helpful.  Headaches can be caused from tightness of the muscles.  
Always keep away from draughts and wear a scarf to keep your neck warm.

To relieve tension in the top part of your spine, neck and shoulders, you may find a heat pack useful.  
Your doctor may give you specific exercises to do for your head and neck.  
If you have not had it done yet, ask your doctor about having a xray of your neck and a referral to a physiotherapist who will be able to give you specific exercises to do to help lessen the muscle spasms that could be the cause of your headaches.

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Hello Taylor,

Welcome. I am sorry to hear about your headaches.

There are multiple reasons that one can get a headache. It sounds like they have r/o (ruled out) a sinus or allergy causation. It's important to find the reason(s) you are having headaches instead of just medicating them - not that I don't think you should have pain relief in the meantime.

Migraines don't always come with blurry vision. I've had several migraines and my vision was fine. SX (Symptoms) can vary, sometimes depending on the cause and the person. My migraines bring on nausea and vomiting, which makes it worse. I am also light sensitive - but no blurriness. So you may be having migraines.

Have you consulted a physician that specializes in the treatment of headaches? If not I would do so. Request a referral.

If Tramadol is effective in reducing your headaches than I would certainly discuss that with your medical provider. They have made such advances in the treatment of migraines and headaches that I am sure they are better drugs to treat them.  I'm sorry that my knowledge is not more current on the subject.  

We do have a Migraine and Headache Forum. I think the members there may be more helpful than what I have offered. You deserve better suggestions than I can offer. Please don't think that you are not welcome here, you certainly are. I just think you may find additional, more helpful suggestion. Here's the link:


Please let us know how you are doing. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Take Care,
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Also I am male and about to turn 24 years old.
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