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Constant Pressure headache after thunderclap

So much info I've been reading on pressure headaches but so far not finding anything that truly matches what I'm experiencing

I had a pre orgasmic thunderclap headache in Feb ‘21 (9.5/10 pain like I've never had) and have had a constant pressure in my head since.
I don’t even like calling it an actual headache because I’ve had migraines before decades ago and this is nothing like it. It’s like the center of my brain is about to explode. Most of the time it’s not even extremely painful but the discomfort is intense and it’s affecting all aspects of my life. I can still function but I’m irritable and just don’t enjoy regular activities lately. To be clear, I’m not depressed, I just plain don’t feel well. Its kid of like a severe sinus headache but in the middle of my head. It’s like I need a pressure release valve on my head!
-Hospitalized for 3 days. CT, MRI and spinal tap showed no abnormalities.Over the counter headache relief does little.  Hydrocodone provides a bit of relief but I obviously can’t take that forever.  I’ve seen several neurologists that have offered little help.  My neurologists prescribed me and I just finished a heavy round of Indomethacin which seemed to lower my discomfort a bit but now it’s back full throttle and I’m nauseated and sometimes vomit. He says there are several other treatments he’d like to try but I have little hope.
Anyone with similar experience, please reach out with any information you may have. I’d really appreciate it.
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Wow, that's awful.  I've been a long time headache sufferer and what you describe sounds truly terrible.  Two things . . . physical therapy. Have you ever considered that?  The things I learned were helpful.  Ice pack on your head, for example . That was recommended to me.  Physical therapy also taught me stretches that released this and that, here and there that helped the overall headache situation (the area felt like yours, pressure. They said because everything is pulling on it as it is all interrelated.  There is a spot behind our ears, for example, that when tight, makes the head feel this type of pressure).  And what I found MOST valuable for relief, was a medical massage.  he only worked on my neck and head.  I did it weekly for as long as I could.  I had a prescription from my doctor but it wasn't covered by insurance. but it could be used as a medical expense that way. I also get nausea and vomiting as a pain response with headaches.  So awful.  So so awful.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321308#medication-overuse  There are headache clinics.  We have one affiliated with our university teaching hospital in our city.  That may be a place to start looking for further help. You have to get free from this!
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