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Continuous aura without migraine

I have had a continuous aura without migraine for the past 20 months. It all started when I suddenly arose only to see a number of white stars flickers across my visual fields (this is apparently known as sheerers phenomena). After this even, I slowly began to develop visual snow, which affected my depth perception, and made everything seem as if it were swirling. Eventually, I began to develop a sensitivity to afterimages, which last a particularly long time; as well I often see my blind spot, and see many floaters in my visual field. I also see white blood sparks floating around in my visual field.

I've just started medical school and this is quite straining on me so I'm quite concerned, I've seen a neurologist and he has prescribed topiminirate, which has been of some help, but is unlikely to be of much use to me due to the severe cognitive side effects.

It's also interesting to note that I have been able to achieve NEAR COMPLETE relief from all my symptoms from pseudophedrine, which I find particularly interesting. Is there any explanation for this, could this be a sinus problem? Or is the pseudophedrines vasoconstrictive properties providing me some temporary migraine relief.

Is there any other approaches I can talk to my doctors about taking, which minimize cognitive side effects.
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wow, topomax's toll on my writings pretty evident, what a mess :)
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HI I'm an RN and  I have one for you. Complicated migraine. No headaches, no nausea or vomiting just aura and neurological issues.  It like stroke symptoms that happen several times a day now that stared in March with orginally what the doctor thought was a TIA (mini stroke) from a blood clot from A-fib but not so sure now.  Did get surgey for A-fib and that went great. So I have left sided weakness, slurred speech, facial numbness, dragging left leg and turn foot inward.  Smack my lips, tongue feels thick, rub face and head, short term memory loss, can't find the right word to say even when I can see the object,  blurr vision in right eye and fatigue.  Do not have the all symptom at once but sometimes and on 3 occasions the right side was affected too.  Strength return within about an hour after episode ends or I get some rest. Neurologist started me on topamax on August 28 after it was already bad  but not change yet.  He's not so sure now about the migraine but his is still hoping it is and that the topamax starts working  if not next week I get more test done like a spinal tap and what ever they havn't done yet. Thanks for listening
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