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Could I have an aneurysm

  I'm 33 years old. Two days ago I was working out and doing a difficult work out and i felt this intense pain in my head but it went away almost immediately (i think i've haf that pain before but I'm not really sure). I finished the work out and then the right side of my face and lips felt tight sort if and tingly and some pressure at the back of my neck close to where my head meets my head. After a little it disappeared and i felt fine through the rest of the day. The following morning started having pain mainly around my right eye which would sometimes extend into right nostril, right cheek and teeth on the right side. I took paracetamol and felt relief but it came back but not as painful as before. This morning I can still feel pain in and around my right eye and my neck is also abit sore. Though  sometimes the pain extends across my forehead, its still predominantly around my right eye. I also sometimes feel a tightness around the back if my head or just pressure on the right side. My vision ia not blurry, i don't have a fever and I don't feel nauseous. I worry about my health and i recently heard someone had an aneurysm from exercising so I'm worried the samething has happened to me or I'm showing signs of an unruptured aneurysm. Please help.
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If you think you have an aneurysm, you really should get to an emergency department. No one can diagnose you with this - or rule it out - online, so getting checked by a medical professional promptly is your best best.

Most aneurysms don't cause any problems. Obviously, they can rupture in rare cases, and that's very serious. You don't present with typical symptoms of one, but something IS happening, even if it's not an aneurysm, and it's worth getting checked out by at least your family doctor to find out what it is.

https://www.webmd.com/brain/brain-aneurysm#1 - you can read more about it here.

Hope you get some answers, and let us know what happens. :)

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