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Crainial pressure leading to "cyst" in right temple?

This question is about my husband. He is 29 and has had a "cyst" in his right temple since he was 21. He says it hasn't changed and it doesn't really hurt but he has had migraines on and off since it appeared. It doesn't move but is somewhat squishy. It feels QUITE large for the location and runs under his brow somewhat. Id say its 2 1/2 CM wide mostly round and protruding half a CM off of his head. you can noticeably see it if you are looking for it.

It appeared when he was 21, He had a lot of dental work in, braces and a bridge between his bottom teeth. He says his wisdom teeth started coming in and it started causing massive pain in his teeth and skull, and migraines and eventually the "cyst" formed. He said he had consistent migraines for days before he forced his dentist to take out the bridge. the pain subsided mostly, but the cyst is still there... and he still has migraines every now and then.  (his wisdom teeth came in fine after that and he still has all of them, he changed dentists and new one told him he didnt even need to have them removed)

the BIG issue is that after this incident he had a MAJOR personality shift. He suddenly became very short tempered, intolerant, non-sympathetic/empathetic... and became much more analytical. He also had an increase in depression and has become very egocentric.

My major question is could this mass be much larger than it appears and could actually be pressing on his right frontal lobe. and if that is the case, could it account for his symptoms including his personality change?

if this is the case if we can get it removed might these issues resolve themselves?
I'm going to get him in to see a specialist ASAP but Im looking for other answers now if possible...

Thank you so much for your time,
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Hi Kayleigh,
How is your husband? What are the symptoms present  and what are the initial diagnostic tests done? The cyst could be due to a variety of issues such as lipoma, sebacious cyst, and other superficial cysts. Imaging studies such as MRI or Ct scan may need to be done to determine the underlying cause and the size of the cyst or mass.  With regards to the personality shift, this could be due to physiologic or pathologic issues and may warrant further evaluation. Take care and best regards. Do keep us posted
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Than you so much for your reply! I made an appointment for him to get a referral to a Neurologist so we will see what is really going on here soon. As far as a sebaceous cyst goes, I am a cosmetologist and have seen these before in other parts of the body, they tend to be much smaller and harder than what he is experiencing, but I cant rule it out, I'm not a medical professional. Typically tho a sebaceous cyst comes a long with tenderness, this mass doesn't hurt at all he says.

The reason I mention the cyst pressing on his brain is b.c of the personality shift and migraines, and the fact that it happened within days of the mass appearing. All the research I have done on right frontal lobe damage points to it causing emotional issues similar to psychopathy, which is exactly what happened to him after this. His symptoms are not SUPER severe... the personality change was such that everyone just thought he had suddenly become incredibly bitter and intolerant (b/c he has just moved back from a failed engagement out of state). but the issues persisted and he continued on a downward spiral of bitterness and bad choices. He said that after the incident its like he just couldnt control his emotions anymore at all.

I will definitely post again after he has his appointment, thanks again.
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