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Cramps and contractions on the back of my head

It's been two days now that I'm feeling short-lived cramps, they are there about 1 or 2 seconds, go away for some seconds/minutes, and then start over again and again. I can feel them on the upper back of the left side of my head. It feels as if it's a vein which is going under these impulse-like contractions. It's indeed irritating. Does anyone know why is this happening? and what can I do to make it disappear completely?
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Hi and welcome to the Migraines & Headaches Community.

That does not sound like a typical migraine. I would see a doctor but in the meantime you can try the following tips....again, I say see a doctor.

1. There are several symptoms of migraines and what causes the pain of a migraine is the blood vessels in your brain become dilated. So, sometimes it helps it you put a bit of pressure on your head. I am sure you have already been doing this unconsciously with your hands from time to time. So, get a bandanna or a cloth headband and wrap it snugly around your head.
2. If you rub Mentholatum across your forehead and on your temples that helps relax those tense muscles. You can do this with or without the wrap, depending on if you like the heat or not.
3. Try either a cold or hot pack, whichever is more comfy to you.
4. The best OTC meds that I have found that works is Excedrin. It is a combo of Aspirin, Tylenol and Caffeine and that happens to be an excellent combo for migraines.
5. I mentioned caffeine before...well, drink coffee, Mt Dew, take Vivirin...sometimes a mega dose of caffeine will stop it in its tracks.
6. If you get nauseous or dizzy get some Meclizine from the pharmacy (the stuff behind the counter) you can take 25mg three times a day as needed. Yes it works on both.
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Thank you so much dear AKC. Yes I will certainly see a doctor, I don't think its a migraine either, but thought it may be included in one of those identified groups of headaches. I will be trying your recommendations, but don't think caffeine could be helpful in this case, as I've been having a dosage of it these days... thanks again!
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Well, caffeine can actually trigger a migraine if it is used excessively but, sometimes a super mega dose of migraine will stop the migraine in its tracks.
I know it sounds confusing. Sorry.
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