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Debilitating Migraines

Hello~I have been getting migraines for over 20 years and they use to be mostly hormonally cyclic  thus more predictable and I could be careful of things I consume.  The past couple of years, I have been getting them for the least infraction; an occasional drink and I mean very rarely and always vodka which seems to be the least to invoke a migraine.  But now dark chocolate, not enough water in the day, almost anything can trigger them not the least of which, my fluctuating hormones due to my age of 51.  I am really becoming depressed over this.  I feel I am a ball and chain to my family because I can't just live life.  I live in fear of getting another one because they are so debilitating; throwing up for 11 hours solid with two days to recover.  I have been on a very low dose bio-identical estrogen for just over a year now.  Stopped taking progesterone after hysterectomy in July.  After hysterectomy, no migraines for 2 months and then when my ovaries kicked back in to gear, they have been worse than ever.  Any suggestions?  Should I go off the estrogen?  
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So sorry to hear about your migraines getting so frequent.  Sometimes estrogen can cause migraines, but not always.  I've had 24/7 migraines following a stroke at age 56.  I took no estrogen the first year.  Then I went on an estrogen patch, then another one with a higher dose, and then another still higher dose and no difference with the migraines which were gradually becoming better from other treatments.  So the estrogen may not be the cause.

But if I'm even a few hours late with changing the patch, my migraines become severe.  Any change in the hormones can trigger migraines.  If you're currently going through menopause, that could be triggering so many more.  

My neurologist has stressed that I need to drink plenty of water for my migraines as you have found out.

The 24/7 migraines have disabled me and have meant increasing my anti-depressant to cope with having so little quality of life, so I do understand your stress.  If I could stop them by having my ovaries removed, I would do it in a minute, but mine have a different cause.  I currently have over 20 nerve block injections every 4 weeks, over 20 Botox injections every 9 weeks, and take 3 prophylactic medications daily to reduce the migraines.  So there are other treatments for you.  

Just don't take pain killers, even something as simple as aspirin or acetominophen several times a week or more because that will bring on rebound headaches non-stop.

Good luck to you.
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Thanks Sara~That is good advice, especially the over medication and rebounds.  I have experienced that for sure.  I hope the best for you too.  My goodness, that's a lot of treatment but I completely understand, it's about quality of life!!  I hope things get better.  Good health to you!!...
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