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Does anyone get multiple weird body symptoms with migraine?

I get migraine with aura, but it's not clear-cut, the classic headache following the zig zag light display. I've been diagnosed by a neurologist, but didn't believe him for ages. I thought there was something else wrong with me. But all other tests came back normal.

My migraine started in a weird way and has been like that for more than 2 years. It was only a mild headache, but all sorts of other weird feelings, like my legs becoming suddenly weak, my hearing feeling blocked, shaky and scared, head keeps wanting to turn a bit to the left, neck aches, feeling nauseous, appetite fluctuations between ravenous like an animal, and total loss. Gut problems (lower tummy distension getting worse as the day goes on, and loose stool, and can't eat some foods any more because of that.)
Anxiety, wanting to cry for no reason, stress intolerance (the mildest stresses even like driving to town or getting a bill paid!) exercise intolerance, weakness, post nasal drip sometimes, exhaustion, buzzing sounds in my head.
All more or less there every day.
Auras come and go in the middle of all this. Sometimes I get a full day or half a day off, and feel normal, but never for very long, only hours at a time.  That is wonderful when it happens. I want to stay in the moment and never leave it.
Does anyone else have migraine like this? I suppose it's an atypical kind. The neurologist didn't say much. My CT scan was normal.
I haven't been back to the doctor since because I am very unsure how tryptans etc will suit me. And I guess those treatments will be suggested. I don't usually get on well with drugs.

It's been so back-to back symptoms for a long time. Flares up wose at times, and been horrible since end of July with hardly a day off from it all. A battle every single day.
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Thank you so very much, auntiejessi for replying.
I forgot I had posted this and so forgot to reply sooner.
Your answer is much appreciated. Hope you are okay? Take care and stay safe.
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Oh no, ginger.

First, I'm sorry you go through all this.

We all have different and weird things with migraines. I don't have all the same symptoms, but I get a lot of those when I get a silent migraine. That's a migraine without the typical migraine pain. In a lot of ways, I think they're almost worse than my regular migraines because they seem to involve more of my body than my regular migraines.

I definitely get the chills, the stomach upset, anxiety, neck pains, and a lot more. With both, I often want to cry over nothing, but I know crying will make it all worse, so I don't, or I try not to.

Getting a runny nose during a migraine is actually pretty common. If you google "runny nose migraine", they've done studies on why that happens.

I have a hard time with triptans, but instead of focusing on that, focus on that they can give you really common meds to prevent this instead of just treating it. Some of them are easier to tolerate than others, but if you can get through the trial and error part, you may end up feeling so much better. Tell your neuro that you want to start small with treatment, and work your way up. Remember that you're in control, and your neuro and you are in a partnership. If you aren't totally comfortable with him, find another one. You may be with him for a long time.

Also, start tracking everything you are eating and drinking. You might find some food triggers you can eliminate.

I hope you feel better soon.

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