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Does this MRI look "normal"??

Long story short (as possible):
Whiplash injury from car accident 1 year ago, immediate classic symptoms of stiffness & pain, on and off pain meds, etc., physical therapy.
Throughout year, back mostly healed, yet neck deteriorated, with new neurological symptoms showing up - seizure like symptoms started past summer (dx "myoclonus" due to med change - no med change, no doc would listen to me), then about 2 months ago, things started flying downhill, similar to how the negligent driver hit me in the damn first place...
I started having these acute "episodes", they call them "migraines". I decided that is the catch all phrase neurologists like to label things when they have no idea what's going on. They were occurring about 2-3x/week, and are now daily, worsening at night (swelling from day??), I get this EXTREME pain in my neck where my injury was - my physical therapist pinpointed it to my C2. It is a searing, burning, kind of pain, no med on this earth would touch. My body starts seizing, and I get very nauseous and sometimes start vomiting. My pupils change - my left pupil dilates and becomes 2-3x larger than my right (thought something was on my optical nerve??). I get numbness, tingling, etc. and just feel like overall death. I am non-functional and debilitated by midnight, where I sometimes take an Imitrex injection to try and get 1-2 hours of interrupted sleep, woken by pain and nausea.

Every day it is getting worse and I feel like I am screaming in the wind. Doc refers me to other doc etc. I was so frustrated with all these different opinions that are always clashing with each other but was SO EXCITED because I finally got my cervical spine MRI last week - I have been waiting for this for A YEAR, certain it would reveal something very black and white that any moron of a doctor could look at and hopefully fix. But NOPE! NORMAL! I AM BEYOND HOPELESS AND FEEL COMPLETELY INVALIDATED. I cannot live like this anymore. I need answers, I need solutions. If not, they may as well throw me in a psych ward, because if this pain is imaginary and I can even force a pupil dilation on myself, that is pretty damn crazy. And I'm a psychologist. So that's even scarier.

Can anyone take a look at these images and PLEASE offer me an experienced opinion? Or even a kind word of encouragement? I will take anything at this point. I saw some things that concerned me on my MRI - which I have made an appt with a physical medicine specialist to get a 2nd opinion but it is not for 3-4 weeks, and that scares me as I am in so much pain right now.

Concerns I had were: those white spots - lesions?? I know MS has been mentioned to me before..., the discs - the C1-3 area look a little DDD no? and what about that soft tissue stuff at the top right of my neck? that's where the pain is? is that soft tissue damage? And what about that uneven black space - how come there is more at my right - is that blood/swelling? I ask because my pain is divided - much more on my right side. Any insight - is so super appreciated.
*these are cell phone pics of my computer screen, I have no clue how to upload the actual mri images...sorry! Can take more if needed! Thanks!
**I am going to try to post pics but I am a bit confused so if I don't do it correctly maybe someone can guide me?
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