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Extreme headaches

Hi. I have been to my doctor because of headaches that develop in the left side of my temple region. I had an MRI done and it came back negative. My doctor said I should see a dentist.

The headaches begin as a tingle in the left temple region. At this point I know what's coming and usually pop a couple excedrin migraine right away. The headache will develop into a deep pain that makes me say things like, "dear lord" and "please no". I can't really do anything but sit with my eyes closed and clutch my cold, sweaty forehead. The pain moves from behind my left eye to my temple, the back of my neck, and even my throat. Always on the left side. And for some reason, I seem to burp and release gas orally. And at times it feels like a vein in my left temple is beating very hard. I get tingles in different parts of my body. And I have to say, it feels like I'm having an aneurysm or something. These headaches come and go as they please, but seemingly more frequently earlier in the week, like monday or Tuesday. Sometimes they last only 10 minutes, sometimes longer. I am perfectly normal before the spells and perfectly normal after, as they come and go, though a bad headache can leave me feeling a bit weak after it has gone, I usually spring back in energy and mood pretty quickly once it has dissipated. I have been having these headaches for many years now. The headache seems to go away with some yawning and after burping more frequently than usual. I am a very positive person, but these episodes are really taking a toll on my lifestyle. I've been fired for an ability to perform at work because of these dehibilitating headaches. Sometimes I won't have one for two weeks, than I'll have 3 in a day. Otherwise, I am a healthy 33 year old male from NJ. Any advise would be thoroughly appreciated. Thankyou very much!
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Oh, and sometimes I wake up with these headaches in the middle of the night. And a few times they have caused me to vomit.
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Have you had a CT or MRI?
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I've had an MRI. It came back negative.
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