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Feeling water drip on left knee, but not wet

Oh my, this has been going on for 2 weeks.  I keep checking my knee thinking I have spilled something and there is no wet spot!  It happens several times a day...!  I suffer from migrane headaces, hypothyroisism that is in a consatnt upward climb, vitaligo, granuloma annulare...should I go to my neurologist?  I have had lower back pain for about two weeks now along with this and for about a month i have had muscle spasms in my face the corners of my mouth spasm, numbness/tingling in hands and arms.
I go to my GP next month but wonder if I should get in sooner?
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Hello, thank you for getting back to me!  Its still happening.  I can be inside all day and nowhere near anything that has spilled...for example going up stairs in my house...Ill be going up the stairs and all of the sudden it feels like i spilled something on my knee.  It can be either side.  I will get to the top of my stairs and look down to wipe off my jeans...and there is nothing there that is wet. I have even gone as far as to pull my pants down to check to see if something has leaked out of my knee...because thats what it actually feels like...a leak in my knee? It happens 6-10 times a day now.  The spasms in my face are still happening as well.  I just went back to GP due to moodiness and had my TSH and T4 levels checked again and I am on another upward climb.They increased me to 88 mcg of levothyroxine until it comes back down.  And I go back in 8 weeks for another check.  I just don't understand if this could have something to do with my Thyroid?  My Thyroid is attacking my body in so many ways could this just be something I need to live with?  Or is this not normal and maybe I nerve problems beginning?  I have been to so many doctors and the cost is killing me...and I feel as if I'm being a "pain",  But this scares me.  Any insight is helpful, thank you for any help you may offer...It is greatly appreciated! Maria
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How are you? Can you elaborate on the dripping sensation in your left knee? What other symptoms are present? Imaging studies may help rule out anatomical issues. If the symptoms have been present for a month already and muscle spasm and numbness have also been present, further evaluation of your attending physician or neurologist may be very beneficial. Direct clinical examination and additional tests are important. Take care and do keep us posted.  
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