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Headache/Migraine at same interval

PLEASE HELP! I know this is a bit long but I would appreciate anything I can get. I'm hoping someone with my identical symptoms can comment. I'm now 62 and have been having these "headaches" for 8 years now. For no apparent reason and almost exactly a week apart, I feel a dull sensation in the back of my head, lower left, in the neck area. (always left). Over the next few hours it is nothing more than a slight distraction, then, gradually, it usually turns into full blown pain on the left side of my head, mostly around the ear. It comes in waves and at its worst is a 15 on a 1-10 scale. The best way to describe the pain would be if you were pushing a screwdriver into my head through the back of my ear. During this time I can only sit up and wait for it to pass. I can "hear" crackling and all sorts of things going on in there. They usually last between 2 and 6 hours. I'm at the point now if I'm lucky enough to have a two hour one it's simply a nuisance. There's no way I can sleep during this as the pain is too intense. It is much worse when I'm lying down. Then, it's gone. Simply gone. Occasionally there is a "hangover" but mostly no after effects(unless it causes sleep loss). Nothing. Just gone. For seven (7) days I'm absolutely normal. Literally a week later it starts to happen again. I've had two MRIs and MRAs, (no tumors in there) have seen three neurologists, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, diet professionals. No particular thing seems to trigger it. Tried medications(including a powerful muscle relaxer that just made me feel awful) NOTHING helps. (a hot shower at times will help) While it's going on, it's much worse if I lay down. Otherwise, I'm fit, active and work full time in a normal life with minimal stress. Normal blood pressure and blood work results. ANY comment or help would be appreciated. Thank you. David.
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Is there anything you do exactly once a week?

Say you get the headaches on Mondays. What do you do on Mondays? Do you take a weekly medication? Go to a business lunch? Do you clean? Do a certain work out? A certain work report? Even if it's not exactly 7 days apart, is there something you do routinely enough that you can track this way?

Maybe 8 years ago, a cleaning product you use once a week changed formulas, and now it's causing the headaches, but you wouldn't think about it now because you've used that brand for 20 years. Maybe it's a cleaning product that you use on Saturdays, breathe in for several hours, and then get the headache later that night or the next day.

I hope you find some answers and relief.
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I don't know exactly what is going on with you but will tell you I have a similar situation.  Not cyclic like you and not as frequent. But 25 years ago I was in a car accident and was rear ended.  I heard it coming because of the screech of tires and looked at the person in my passenger seat, so my head was completely turned when I got hit.  Went over side ways. Not that big of a deal then.  It hurt, mild whip lash.  As years went on, that injury plagues me. It's my 'weak spot'.  I've been to a lot of professionals now from doctors, chiropractors to physical therapists.  It's managed but it is a mother f'er, if you know what I mean.  If I get tense. It's right there.  The thing that did help me the most was medical massage. They only worked on my neck and head (and top of my chest which apparently releases muscles in your head). There is a muscle behind your ear that attaches to other muscles going out from it. If it tightens, I'm sunk.  I put ice on it (physical therapist taught me that), I take big dose ibuprofen AND tylenol, and have a massage thing that helps me release those muscles.  If I can't do it, I WILL get a migraine. To help prevent it, I stretch and stretch. Try to reduce stress (ya right). Get good sleep.  

Anyway, this sounds miserable.  I am sure I am of no help.  But I feel for you.
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You never came back to tell us how you are.  Are things any better?
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