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Headache at night, every night right before bed

I have been having these headaches they are for probably 90% of the time located in the front part of my head almost like it would be a sinus headache but its not.  I get this almost as soon as I lay down to relax in bed.  I relax in bed for about an hour or two before I fall asleep every night.  I have been taking for several years aleve pm and advil pm I switch them each night.  I am trying to stay away from taking them because I think I heard it can cause problems internally, not positive on that.  I have lupus and I don't want to keep taking this stuff, I take it so I can fall asleep because I can't seem to do it without it and I was looking into maybe trying an over-the-counter sleep aid but that's not going to probably stop these headaches, I don't know if the headaches are really there or if its my brain telling me that so I take aleve pm or advil pm to fall asleep.  Can anyone help me on this or have any suggestions at all?  I also have neuropathy so I take gabapentin at night and I have tried Benadryl as well to help me sleep with again no luck.  
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I have also been experiencing this. I wouldn't necessarily say they are headaches, more of just a pressure and uncomfortable feeling in my forehead and inbetween my eyes and on the bridge on my nose. I get the feeling as soon as I turn the lights off. I have had to start sleeping with the lights on .

I went to my PCP after this was going on for about three months. He said it sounded like allergies and suggested benadryl. The benadryl only worked because it just made me tired and fall right asleep. I still had the sensastions. I really do not think it is allergies.

This has been going on every single night for about three or four months now. Haven't been able to get any answers yet. Have you had any luck?
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Hi, just wondering if either of you have figured this out in the 3 years since you posted. My son is having a similar issue. Thank you for any response.
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If he's getting it as soon as he lays down in bed, try changing his pillow. For one, pillows are home to tons of dust mites, and maybe it's too soft or firm, or too big or little for him (you don't mention his age).

Get one that he seems to like - maybe there's another one in the house that he likes? - and get an allergy cover (usually around $10), which goes on over the pillow and under the pillow case. Make sure it's a hypoallergenic pillow, which is not expensive at Target or Walmart. All included, it might cost $30 USD.

That's the inexpensive place to start. If it doesn't help - and you'll see a difference the first night if that's it - he should see a doctor to rule anything out.
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I wonder if it could be some fluid or something stuffing up the sinuses, which maybe gets worse on lying down ?
That would make sense perhaps, with a frontal headache?
Perhaps ask your doctor about that possibility.

Would an elevated head position help?

I wonder about needing a light on at night. I am the same now, ever since I had Covid in April. The total darkness seems to upset me somehow (in my case I think it's just that I like the comfort of a dim light and it's psychological.)
So I put a 40 watt lamp on low setting  in the next room and sleep with my door open.
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