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Headache concern!

Hi There.

I have been suffering from a headache for a week now.  It started behind my eyes and had spread to the base of my skull, temples as top of my head. It is worse st times but constantly there.  I have been to the doctors who prescibed me with anti biotics (on monday) as my glands in my throat were slightly swollen, I hd to visit the doc last nite as it was really sore he checked behing my eyes and made me touch my nose with the tip of my finger.  He said everything seemed normal and gave me ibuprofen but it does not seem to help much.  I would like to know if anyone has any idea what mite be bothering me, it is making me anxious and scared!  I do suffer from slight depression and felt an episode comming on before the headaches started, but I have been taking st johns wort and I do not feel as low, but just anxious due to these headaches! I am not prone to headaches either.

Thanks so much for any help or advice
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There seems to be no emergent concern here.

Have you been compliant with your antibiotics?

Was the sore throat relieved after the medications?

Throat infections like an acute pharyngitis may lead to fever and headaches.The headaches may subside once the pharyngitis has been treated. Other causes of headaches may be migraine headaches, tension related headaches and cluster headaches. There are more complicated and unusual forms however, at this point this doesn't seem to be your case.

You discuss your worries and concerns with your physician. Analgesics may not be enough to relieve the headaches. Migraine specific drugs may be used as an abortive therapy once your headache has been diagnosed to be a migraine. You may see a neurologist or pain specialist and have your headache classified. Most migraine specific drugs have side effects that need close supervision.

Stay calm and relax. Talk to someone , spend more  time with friends , engage in a good hobby to deviate yourself from unnecessary worries and anxieties.

Keep us posted for anything.
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Thanks for replying!

I have been taking my anti biotics and ive only got 2days left.  My throat was never really sore to begin with so I think that it is gettin better, the headache seems to be getting more frequent however when it begins I do get very anxious about it.  I was given migaleve but I am not sure if it is a migraine as I have no other symptoms.  I dont know when I should og back to the doctors, should I be satisfied that 2 doctors have examined me and said no cause for concern and just plod on with these headaches?

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Hi Gillian,

Have you consulted with neurologists who did a complete neurologic examination?

At this point there seems to be no cause of worry. Stress and anxiety may aggravate your condition and cause more headaches.

Do you have any history of allergies?

Any nasal or ear discharge or history of sinusitis?

I suggest you stay calm and continue with your daily activities. If the pain persists, that is if the headaches progress , change in character or become associated with slurring of speech, blurring of vision or faintness then I suggest that you seek immediate consult for further evaluation.

Keep us posted ok?
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