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Headache that makes you vomit and brain fog

My headaches started off like a normal headache. took Tylenol  for it. then It went to hurt worst and i started throwing up with the headaches, now vomiting with them and brain fog on top of it. Tylenol not helping. I cant really take much meds for these headaches do to me being on blood thinner. This has been going on for the last few months. i am so tired of these headaches.
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I've had migranes for years, they now make me throw sometimes and nothing will take the pain away. However, I also have a brain tumor for the past 30 plus years. Talk to your doctor.  I get botox, nerve ending and trigger point injections.
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Have you seen a doctor about these? You really should, at least to be evaluated for the cause and to rule out anything other than migraine.
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Boy, that's rough.  I had migraines.  And they can be so awful.  I also have become nauseated and vomited because of my headaches.  That you can't take a nonsteriodal like advil is unfortunate. I take the mega dose and it helps. Other things you can try are an ice pack on the head or aching spot.  This resets the brain, reduces swelling in the area, etc.  Stretching the neck can help.  Massage.  I found massage very helpful. I have used icy hot spray/cream on the back of the neck and behind my ears.  Here is a long list of medications they use to treat migraines.  There are lots of options which you may be able to use.  I agree that tylenol doesn't adequately touch a migraine.
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Have you spoken with a doctor about this? There might be prescription medications that can help.
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