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Headaches and Neck pain

I have headaches everyday! For 7 yrs now. My pain start's in my neck and shoulder area, and moves quickly to my head, but the pain stay's in my neck also.
Light hurt's, noise, lifting my head up - down- sideways hurt's and makes me very sick. I get hot all over.  I cant work, I am scared. I have been to Mayo clinic- I have had everything done, I have a icecream pale full of medicine's that didnt help.

I am 5'7  and 200 #  I try to walk and bike but the pain is so bad.  I used to be very out going, now I stay at home praying my pain wont do my in.
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Hi Kim,
May I ask, did u have an MRI of ur brain? If so, what does the report say.....if u do not have a copy...request one.U should have an MRI of ur cervical spine as well.

Post an update!

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HI there

I have had lots of neck pain and headaches and they are all related like i keep saying.
I sure hope you get those mri's of brain and neck so you can rule out a few things. Sounds like you already have though.
Have you tried chiropractic and PT?
I currently go to both. ITs a daily issue for me now, its awful. I relate and feel your pain!

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Hi There,

It will help to know if you have undergone X ray or CT scan of neck since this headache appears to be related to neck issues like cervical spondylitis or disc prolapse.
It is important to know the complete medical history to give a clinical opinion.

I would suggest you to go for alternate therapies like acupressure and acupuncture and yoga for relief since it appears you have tried almost every medicine available.

Also you can check with your doctor about magnesium supplements which have been helpful in controlling chronic headaches.

Good luck!

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