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Headaches, head pressure and afterimage

29F, 5'4", Caucasian

Not on any medications. I do not smoke, drink or use drugs.

This post might be a little long, but contains all the symptoms I've been experiencing and what I've been doing during that time.

Initial start of issue, October

First week in October headaches began that presented as tightness and pressure

The next week I started seeing a negative afterimage after looking at objects even for a very short time

My eye doctor noted that my optic nerves appeared swollen but this was nothing new as my nerves appeared to look this way even in other appointments. She said sometimes optic nerves can have the appearance of swelling even if they aren’t. But given my other symptoms she wanted an MRI. We were uninsured at the time so she felt it safe to wait till we got insurance.’

Total symptoms at that time included pressure headaches. Afterimage. Dizziness upon standing, squatting and bending.

I did have blood work done and that revealed nothing off. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels were normal

Pressure stops, afterimage continues, November

Mid November symptoms stopped, all except for the afterimage. And I began seeing a chiropractor. The afterimage persisted. But the headaches and other symptoms went away for about 2-3 weeks

Head pressure returns, December

At the beginning of December I was doing squats with a 45lb kettlebell. When I set it down I got really lightheaded and felt all that pressure flood my head. Since that time every day these symptoms have started coming back.

The symptoms that persist today are pressure headaches that increase as the day goes. Though, sometimes I wake with them. Sometimes they’re at the top of my head. Front of my head. Or back of my head. Sometimes more sharp on the left side. Still have the negative afterimage. Sometimes it seems worse than other times, though lighting may play a roll there.

The pressure in my head increases with activity. Bending over. Squatting, straining. Looking down.

I haven’t noticed what brings relief. Things seem to relax a bit when I lay down. Though, sometimes still persists even when laying.

Still have not gotten an MRI done. I will be going back to the doctor this week to get one setup.

Based on what we've read online fears are that it's a brain tumor or spinal fluid leak. I've never had any medical issues before so this really is just out of the blue.

Has anyone experienced this, or might have an idea of what the problem is or ideas for treatment?

Thank you!
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