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Is this a N, TMJ or migaine headache? Help!

I have been suffering from cervicogenic migraines for 8 years now.  In the past 3 days I have had this gnagging type headache on the bridge of my nose and across my eyebrow, temple area, and in the occipital area of my head, all on the right side.  Every once in a while I get a sharp pain in my right jaw, it lasts for just a second.  So, is this from my neck/jaw, sinuses, or just a plain old migraine?  No auras, vision is fine, but eye feels sore along inner corner near the bridge of my nose, no fever, or vomiting either.  Thanks!!
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What are you taking for the migraines? Are you on regular follow up with a neurologist?
Have you noticed a tooth decay or caries or tooth abscess that could lead to the acute symptoms that you describe?
You should try some pain relief medications and see if they help.
A neurologist opinion would be advisable a sa routine follow up and also get a clinical examination to find out the cause of this headache.
Do you have any associated ear discharge?
Do you remember of any accidental injury or trauma to that side?
Discuss all your doubts in detail with a neurologist.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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I take Motrin 800 mg.  Yes.  Teeth are fine, just went to dentist about a month ago.  No ear discharge.  I have been in three rear end collisons in the last 18 years, the migraines started 3 months after the last one.  I do have cervical disk disease.  A bulging disk at C-3,C-4.  Migraines run in my family, my mother and maternal grandfather have had them all their lives.  Well tonight the right side pain is gone and it has moved to the left.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be gone, usually when it switches sides it doesn't last long after the switch occurs.  Thanks
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You should still consult an orthopedician and physical therapist for your cervical disc disease.
They will advise you on some daily exrecises and other measures such as warm compresses etc.
In some cases, this helps to relieve the headaches to some extent.
Good luck.
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