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Is this my life?

Im 27 years old and I have a question regardin "migraines" I started having headaches that lasted up tp 2 weeks when I was around 19 years old, they would usually last from 3 to 2 weeks and they were non stop. I would usually have them around 2 times per year and what I tahught normal headaches around once a month. For about 2 years now I have a headache everyday and I have to be in bed about 2-3 days per week because the headaches are so bad I can't even get up to go to work, the pain is so horrible that I have to go to the hospital sometimes, every time i go it gets treated as a migraine and so no one has helped me so far, for the past couple of months I have been getting the pain so bad that I get dizzy spells and I have been having popping noises insided my head and in my nose, it feels as if somenthing opens and closes......I dont know how to explain this very well!!, i have been having alot of trouble catching my breath because my nose and face swells up, the bones in my face hurt once a headache starts, Im very worried now about the popping noises in my head and the uncontrollable pain which is causing me to literally waste my life away since all I can do is lay down everyday, I used to be active and happy :(. i dont know what to do any more since the doctors I have seen dont take me serious and Im in so much debt because of the medical bills and nothing gets fixed. I just want to know what is wrong with me, do I have to be like this the rest of my life?
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You poor thing. I can't help medically. I am in a similar situation. Have had the same headache for 3 weeks, mild to mod not severe like you. This is only my advise but it does sound like severe migraine to me. I would visit the doctor again because it is interfering with your life to much now. At the very least there must be medication that would work. Added to your worry is med bills, I really feel for you, that can't be making the headaches any better.

Like you mine started with a migraine, went to see Doc, she has said that it has now developed into a 'tension type headache', kept going by me as I suffer from health anxiety. I don't know what to believe anymore. All I know is is that it's there when I go to sleep, it wakes me up in the middle of the night, and it's there when I wake again in the morning. It is ruling my life. I feel so down because of it, and all the Doctors say is 'stop worrying about it and it will go away', yea right!!! they're not living with it.

I know I'm not much help I wish I could be, just to say you are not a lone.

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Thanks for writing in.
I would suggest you to try and get a CT scan or MRI of head done to rule out neurological causes like space occupying lesion in the brain or an aneurysm. Also please maintain a headache diary to identify a trigger if any for your headache.
Are you taking any medication on a regular basis?
Magnesium supplements and biofeedback therapy have been shown to be quite effective in preventing migraine headaches. Medications like Topamax are very useful in breaking the cycle of chronic headaches.
Do keep us posted!
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Kathy thanks alot for your words it makes me feel better because it seems that not even my own family undurstands sometimes....


I have been to different doctors besides the emergency room and hospital clininc...I have had an MRI and xrays done to my head, when i got the MRI the doctor said that it looked like I had bone growth in my sinusis, when she recomended me to go to a specialist she sent me to get some xrays....on the orders it said I had a brain tumor! which didint freak me out because at this point as long as I find out what i have I could care less as long as the pain goes away.....the doctor ordered a xray, when I went to the specialist whith the xrays he flipeed though thema and said to me "these are useles" those were his exact words and so i jus tkept going to the hospiotal clininc.

I have take ceveral medications all very "expensive"....this is the list:

Tomopax - took for 6 months, it did nothing but mess up my palette

Imitrex- Both pills and shot, has never done anything for me

Relpax - This one helps me sometimes but only gets rid of the headache for one day or less......I took it yesterday and it did nothing, today its my second day with the severe headache...getting to the point of horrible.

I have taken other stuff but honestly I dont remember, I dont keep track since they didnt help at all..another thing that has come with my headache is memory loss i usually cant remember anything from 2 days ago...unless i think real hard and I mean real hard...or sometimes it comes back in dreams!

I still have the xrays laying around in my car..I was going to throw them away after what happened with that doctor but if i ever get some money after i get fired.......hopefully not soon i mevie can use them for a doctor that will pay attentioin to me.

I apologize to keep complaining here but I cant do it with no one else, im a single mother my daughter is 9, she has practically been without a mother for the past 2 years.....my father die when i was 10 and my mom had 7 kids total, so all my siblings are extremely hard workers, they all like to work and get further and further, I used tgo be the same way, I used to have 2 jobs I liked to work my boss didnt have the words to tell me how much he appreciated me, when i turned 26 i bought a house and a new car and i thaught that even thought i m not rich i had enough money to give my family what they needed, when i had free time i went anywere with my family I also love art so i did wood carving wood burning painting sketching, leather work ......basically anything "art",

and now i cant pay this months rent or my car payment, i can bearly buy food, i lost my second job and my boss has accused me of being a drug addict....even though i proved him with blood test and dodtor papers im NOT.....its just that the people around me dont undurstant......again sorry for compalining to you guys but like I said i cant talk to anyone since I have no friends and i dont want to worry my family about the fact that I cant even support my self anymore.....Im just scared that im going to die this way....when i have the week long migraines i cant sleep because of the pain and so i have too much time to think and I get so depressed because I feel like a looser....im just scared of what i might do one of this days to stop this......but i also hate giving in and not trying to the end but I dont think I have the strenght any more...or the money hehe.....

ok i feel alittle better that i wrote this!! anyway I have taken all that medication and it dosnt help so what do I do now....I was thinking of makin an appointment today with another specialist but I feel it just might be a waste of time.....sorry about my typing but im in bed with a headache...
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Oh my god please take it easy. I really feel fo you, you speak from your heart. Sounds to me like a lot of mistakes have happened to you along the way Doctor wise. You got to hang in there love. Please go and see someone. I can't help with advise on your med bills cos I live in England and we have NHS  so that's not a problem here. But for you it's a real big problem on top of everything else. Wouldn't your family understand if you told them how you feel. You can't help the way things are for you, the headaches are for real you need help from family, friends and medical people. You must keep the xrays and show them to a medical proffesional straight away. You said the specialist said that you had a 'brain tumor' but then there was some confusion. For god sakes they cannot make a mistake with that kind of illness. You have to get to bottom of this and now, if that means worrying your family then so be it.

Bite the bullet now.


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again thanks for your words, today I made an appointment with a specialist...they will see me until december 16th its kind of far away but im keeping my hopes up for this doctor because he specializes in any pain that has to do with the head, so I will endure until then! o and about my family its not taht they are bad with me its just that my younger siblings looked up to me and I was helping to support them but now I feel like a looser and I just feel that if they knew how weak I feel they might feel weak them selves so I dont want to worry them...but they know im suffering.....I mean my personality has completely changed..

about the doctors yea Im totally dissapointed it seems that all they want is the payment for consultation and honestly the help with medical in the USA is HORRIBLE, the docotor that looked at my MRI never mentioned about the brain tumor to me she just told me taht I had bone growth in the sinuses on the sides of my head and that it needed to be treated to surgery but that I needed to so a doctor that specialized in that region so I needed xrays, in the order for the xrays it said that there was a brain tumor found in the MRI.......when the specialist saw the xrays he said he dint need them and when he saw the MRI results he said "you have a brain tumor?"  ......I was you tell me....so he said well I need a cat scan heres the order....and by the way why are you traveling to see me isnt there doctors in your town?.......man everytime I think about it i get so mad....

well anyways im looking forward until dec. 16th hopefully i make it..hehe!!

thanks alooot Kathy :)
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Thank god you are on the right track now. I still don't get the bit about a 'brain tumor'. Are they saying you have or your haven't????????? Did you have the Cat Scan in the end?, if so, what were the results to that?

The 16th Dec isn't that far away so hold on in there.

I'm sure your family aren't bad, what I mean is can they help financially with this burden you are carrying on your own. The med bills will go up until they find the answers...

Keep in touch...

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I have read your postings and the response by Dr.Noopur and the comments by your friends. I feel very sorry you are not getting enough help, or enough money to pay for it.

Thank God, you do have a computer and net connection, and knowledge in English to communicate with many around the world. Think about the many who doesn't even know they are alive.

It appears you have an osteoma of the sinuses. It is a bony tumor that grows in the sinuses, but it usually stops growing by the age 25 or so. It can press the neighborhood and give headaches. As MRI doesn't show bone shadows well (MRI is preferred in soft tissues like brain) one has to depend on CT scan for the same.

If you can take a digital photo of the CT scan film, (from an Xray viewer, in Black and White) and upload it to some site (You can make one in a blogsite) and give us the link, we can take a look at it. You may select the relevant frames in the scan film with the help of a doctor (?!) so that the size is less. But make sure you compress each photo to small size - like in "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" to that required for 'Web pages'. Else it will take a lo--ng time to upload and also for me to see with my slow dialup connection. If you don't understand this, I will try to make it clear.

Maybe you can type what is given in the MRI and Xray reports for us to get what exactly is the radiologist thinking.

If it is a sinus osteoma, you need to see an ENT. But let us decide after seeing the scan pics.

I am amazed  by the way you have been facing the various challenges in life. But don't worry, let us see if we can help.

Best rgds,

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Regarding "Digital photo of CT scan"

I meant whatever films you are having, the X-rays, or MRI or CT

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i have my exrays, i will be scanning, let me know of a site that you know of were i could upload them...

thank you
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WHy not use blog sites for the same.

Try this: https://www.blogger.com/start

And then follow the instructions.

Before uploading the photos, remember to select the ones that depict the situation (as otherwise you will have to upload a 'lot of images' and hence take time, for you as well as me)

Best rgds,

Thomas Antony
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here is the link for my xrays, thanks alot for taking your time with me...


I will be having the xrays re-taken on December as well as a CT scan....if you see anything on these xrays that might be the cause of my headaches let me know, I greatly appreciate your consideration to look at them.

Again thank you,

Maria :)
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Hi Maria,

I have seen the X-rays at the site.

They all look within normal limits to me. I will see them again, as I have saved them to my pc.

The arrows seems to point to normally appearing shadows of normal structures.

Let us see.

Best rgds,

Thomas Antony
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thanks for taking your time to see them...I wasnt able to get the MRI report, the doctor is not releasing the test but I'm going to try to get them today...

Talk to you later :)
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Take it easy please.
He may be right. I haven't as yet seen the MRIs
(Don't quarrel with your doctor :-)

Best rgds,

Thomas Antony
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Has anyone ever prescribed Relpax for you?
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