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Left side headache

i have had headache for at least a year now, only on my left side of the head. Feel like my eye ache then my temple and ear, all on the left side. Seen a eye ear nose throat specialist. Had a cat scan, came back negative.
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If a complete assessment has been done and your CT scan results did not show anything, then this may be a case of migraine headaches without aura. As you have described your headaches to be one sided and throbbing, a diagnosis of a migraine is quite likely.

Migraine headaches are diagnosed when other possible condition which may be causing this has been ruled out. Migraine headaches are one sided , throbbing and it may be associated with nausea and vomiting. Bright lights and loud noises may also aggravate the symptoms.

If the headaches do not occur frequently, pain relievers may help relieve the pain. If it occurs almost everyday , then I would suggest that you have this assessed by your doctor so that abortive migraine therapy or preventive migraine medication may be given if indicated.

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Hi ... do you hear a whoosing sound in your ear?  I had same sypmtoms ... how is your vision?  My MRI / MRA / CAT Scan ... Angiogram .... all negative ... I went to ophtalmologyst ... had papilledema ( optic nerves swollen) -- was sent to neuro-ophtalmologyst ... who sent me for LP .. diagnosed with PTC ( Pseudotumor Cerebri) ... Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!
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hey, have you considered a stroke?  Get an MRI.  That is the only way that they can see what is actually happening.  I have had two full strokes and a TIA with the same thing happening as you, but not for so long.  Check it out, it would be really worth the time!  In fact, they thought it was just a migraine to begin with, and now I am having it all over again, HMMMMMM?
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