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Lexapro and silent migraines

I started taking 5 mg of lexapro for my silent migraines with aura and my anxiety/ depression.. will this help to prevent future silent migraines
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How are you? Both preventive and acute medications have been used for migraine management. Medications such as anti-depressants, anti anxiety and beta blockers have been used as preventive medication for migraine. However, not enough studies have proven their effectiveness. Identifying the triggers and avoiding them may also help.  It is best that you discuss this with your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you for taking the time to respond:-) This is what the Dr gave me for, the silent migraines and stress/anxiety. I just am the kind of person who likes to know that, I am not taking the Lexapro for nothing :-)  My Dr thinks that they are from perimenopause (sp) and the stress of my brother passsing away a year ago. So what would you suggest I do to control stress? More meditation? what are good foods to eat when you get migraines? Food to avoid also? Thank you so much once again for taking the time to respond to me it is greatly appreciated :-)
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I personally quit the SSRI medications.  They weren't helping my silent migraines one bit.  It takes a lot of time to struggle through the loss of a family member or close friend.  That's really the only thing I know about with that one.  Try looking up Tyramine Intolerance.  That is the best way to know which foods to avoid when you get chronic migraines.  400 mg of riboflavin, one standardized feverfew once or twice per day and according to the directions, on standardized butterbur once or twice per day and according to the directions, one Migrafew once per day, one NOW brand B 100 B complex, a minimum of 500 mg magnesium citrate (I need a minimum of 1500 mg), and take the vitamin D3 while you're taking the magnesium since magnesium is necessary for the body to make good use of vitamin D3.  Keep your immune system up there with your vitamin D and your B complex, because it will help you deal with life's stresses a lot better, which should help immensely with the migraines.  I still get them a lot and had to go with the Botox injections and I do still need to take the acute migraine treatments, like Imitrex, but this nutritional approach is actually what my neurologist told me to take and it helps some.  You can try using melatonin at night to sleep.  Just 1 or 2 mg should be sufficient.  Try not to take any more than absolutely needed, so as not to upset your body's natural melatonin production.  

Try avoiding sulfites, too.  That helps quite a bit.
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Sulfites found in wines, most lunchmeats, hot dogs, bacon., monosodium Glutimate (MSG) found in many processed foods, Aspartame, found in many gums and drinks. These are chemicals that most people with migraines are sensitive to.

If Lexapro does not work to prevent your migraines, there are other preventatives such as heart medications (Verapamil), and antiseizure medications such as Topamax.


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Thank you so much :-) I will try what ever it takes to get better:-) so far I have not had any problems with the Lexapro, day 13 and my eyes don't seem as sensitive :-) Keeping fingers crossed :-)
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Thank you :-) I am hoping lexapro  works for me . It can be overwhelming to have silent migraines, it makes me feel like it controls my thinking.. wondering when will they happen again :-( Keep your fingers crossed for me :-)
Penny did the lexapro help?? I get them and they scare me. I fear I have something wrong. I hate not knowing when they're coming on. If I think about it I feel that trigger one to come on
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