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Migrain, seizure disorder

I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrom almost two years ago.  I honestly do not believe that is what wrong.  I haven't had a concussion since 2005, when I played college football,  I had 3 that season.  My current symptoms include irritablity, mood swings, inability to sleep, extremely bad migrains that start with pain at the bottom of my spine, a dull headach almost all day everyday, I blackout and occassionaly convulse when this happens (I have been told), confussion, short term memory lost, blurry vision, tingling in my left extremities (mostly my arm and fingers), I have had strenght test ( the one's when they ask you to pull then push, don't let them move your arm or leg) done at my doctors office that says my left side is weaker than my right, my perpherial vision in my left eye is bad.  I can't close my eyes and touch the tip of my nose with my left finger, but I can with my right (also done at doctor's office).  My most recent episode of blacking out was two Wednesday ago around 10:30 pm.  I had convultions and don't remember anything before it happened or after.  The first thing I remember after it happened was waking up in the ER around 3 am. I had an EEG, but it did not show any abnormalities. I have been take nortriptyline, neproxen, keppra, and darvocet.  I have also been on topamax in the past.  I seem to bee getting worse recently.  Do you know of any other disease or disorder that could be the cause of my symptoms?  I would just like to know if there is anything out there that can help me figure out what wrong.  A name of a condition any condition would be great right now.  I'm kind of losing hope that they will ever find out what really wrong with me.
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Hi, the symptoms that you have mentioned are most probably of Post Concussion Syndrome. You had 3 concussions in 2005. Symptoms may start years later also. Though there is no treatment for PCS itself, symptoms can be treated; medications and physical and behavioral therapy may be used, and patients can be educated about symptoms and their usual prognosis. The majority of PCS cases disappear after a period of time.Please consult a neurologist for the symptomatic treatment.Hope this helps you.Take care!
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