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Migraine - how long do they last ?

Please can you help ? i've had a migraine type headach for at least 5 days now, a dull ache in the side of my head & a horrible pain in the back of my head to.  It is not shifting and continues to be the same. tablets help a little but when they ware of it's back to square one. i feel sickly and my stomachs upset - it feels rotton all the time.
I'm wondering could this be hormonal ? i've had these before but not as long.    
and there usually around my periods. My head feels worst in the mornings.
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You could definitely be experiencing menstrual migraines. However, if they're lasting as long as 5 days, it might be time to consult a doc about the headache.

Another thing to keep in mind, which you might want to mention to your doc when you see them, is that, if the pain is worse in the morning, there's a possibility that you have sleep apnea (sp?) and that it's the oxygen deprivation to your brain during your sleeping hours that its causing SOME of the pain. Maybe a sleep study would be in order to check and see.

Good luck and keep us posted,

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How are you? Are you still experiencing your headache? It can indeed be hormonal in nature but it can also be in combination with other headache types. In particular, cluster headaches develop during sleep and may last for several hours. Attacks occur every day for weeks and even months, then disappear for a certain time. If your tablets does not help that much, prescription medications such as  vasoconstrictors and anti-inflammatory drugs before and during menstrual period may help. Check with your doctor about this. Take care and do keep us posted.
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hi Rowena, thanks for your advice i think it is probably hormonal. the last couple of days i've had some checks at the hospital. theve done a cat scan and blood test etc.
cat scan came back normal Thank God ! .they did'nt mention blood results so i presume they were normal to ?? still don't know whats caused it to last this long, will probably go back to my gp for some routine bloods. my headaches settled but still there, but bearable. fingers crossed it will now fizzle. feel anxious thou i don't want to have to go through this again. will speak to my gp hopefully get to the bottom of it.
thanks again for your support i have found this website very helpfull ! it's nice to have a chat with understanding people who want to help you ! xxx  
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Hi Dame, thanks for you reply really appreciate your feedback, please see my reply to Rowena. Love Carol x
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Great to know that you are feeling better. I also recommend that you have a referral to your gynecologist for routine pelvic exam and pap smear. You may be experiencing perimenopause wherein you feel the symptoms of menopause early on and the hormones go haywire. Do keep us posted with your blood test results. Wishing you the best! Take care always.
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Hi Rowena, My horrible headache as come back full force yet again, It never went just subsided a bit. I thought i was on the mend. I wondering now if it's cluster headaches ?
not sure what causes these ? I thought it was a hormonal thing but i'm not so sure now.
Been to my gp yesterday, they have prescribed me 80mg Propranolol Hydrochloride.
Not 100% sure what these are but i have been told they will help. Been referred to a Neourologist so hopefully will get to the bottom on this. I've decided to keep a heahache diary so i can take it a long with me when i get my appointment. My pain is still in the left side of my head, my necks stiff but bearable. forehead tender. and pain in the back of my head. i would describe it as a dull ache with presure around the head. Starting to feel it'll never end feel very down at the moment, I'm desperate to get back to work as i want to get back to a normal routine. i go away on the 23rd May i'm praying i'll be ok for then. I really don't want to be ill on my holidays. Can you give me anymore advice ? any would be deeply appreciated. thanks Rowena, knowing i can get intouch with you for support as really helped ! thanks so much xxxx  
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