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Migraine and Alcohol

I have a long history of menstrual migraine.  These have been violent episodes with throwing up sometimes for hours and then at least 3 days to re-cuperate fully.  As I get closer to menopause, I started getting them any time of the month so I went on bio-identical estrogen and progesterone, the lowest dose.  For a couple of months, this seemed to stablize my emotional ups and downs I was feeling and I was also able to consume a weak vodka tonic once in a while with no ill effects.  Now, if I even sip an alcoholic beverage, I feel like I am coming on to a migraine and I quickly take a triptan to abort it.  Have any of you heard of such a sensitivity to alcohol.  Will I ever be able to enjoy a social drink again?  I was never a heavy drinker to begin with but it would be nice to be able to enjoy a beverage once in a while.
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How are you? It is possible that alcohol can trigger your migraine attacks. Although there are not enough studies done showing alcohol sensitivity and migraine at menopause. Preventive and abortive migraine medications may indeed help. Have this checked by your doctor or be referred to a gynecologist for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Hi bubbup - I have a similar problem.  About a year ago my migraines came back after a 5-6 year remission (I had them many years ago but eventually attributed them to the birth control pill).  I have been slowly piecing together my triggers with my doctor, neurologist, chiropractor, NAET specialist.  Not only am I running around like crazy seeing all these doctors but I am also going broke.  My migraine pattern is that I get a 7-12 day migraine starting the week prior to my period and lasting though the beginning of my cycle (sometimes until the end).  Not only that, but if I try to drink at all, I am nearly guaranteed a migraine.  I used to be a pretty heavy drinker 5-6 nights a week I would have 2 or more drinks. So I know this is an entirely new situation for me.  I would be happy that I was drinking less and giving my liver a break, except I have to battle the migraines anyway and I am consuming way too much medication, but I have no choice.  The migraines are so sever and disruptive and I have to continue living my life somehow.  I am newly engaged and have a thousand events going on in which I would like to enjoy a cocktail or two (especially my own wedding?!?) but I feel like I am doomed until I finish menopause (which is when my mother's migraines went away).  I am very sad all the time because I am battling these health problems and I am only 33.  Anyway, I will try and do anything at this point but really just want my old body and life back!
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