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Migraine characterised by vision impairment, body numbness, and nausea.

So I'm 19 year old female with palmonairy stenosis and a leak in one of my valves (I don't know if my heart conditions contribute to my problem and so I thought I would mention it). Besides that, I'm both physically and mentally fine, and yet I have been plagued by severe migraine's since I was about 17 years old. It began when I was pregnant with my daughter, I think I was about 3-4 months when I first experienced one of these headaches, and since than they have become progressively worse. I ususally don't get them too frequently (generally very 3-6 months or so, I would say) but when I do get them I have them for a good week or so. Ususally these migraines are accomplained with body numbness (I usually get the migraine in the right side of my head, and the left side of my body goes numb, usually starts at my fingers and works it way up, but I've had it start in my mouth, my leg, ex.) vision impairment (before, I use to get blurry-sited in my perpherials, but now I can't see when I look start ahead, almost like when you start at the sun and than look around inside a building) nausea and vomiting, dizziness and confusion/lack of comprehension. To my knowledge, I speak normal, clearly and coherently, but I don't understand what others are saying to me, and everyday objects, I don't know what they are. I've looked on the internet extensively, and so far all I'm coming across is that it's a migraine. I most certaintly hope it's only a severe magraine problem, and not indications of something more serious. I've gone to my family doctor about them, but I was told to just chart them down, when I don't feel it's so much the frequencey as the severity of the headaches. I'm going to push for some testing tomorrow morning and hopefully his nurses will take me seriously. I was just wondering if there is any relief from these magraines, considering that Tynonel and Advil don't work, and I usually have to sleep them off.

Thank you for baring with me through all of that, I didn't intent for such a long question, but I thought it was important that you had all the information. Thanks again :)  
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Thanks for writing in.
Your symptoms are very suggestive of migraine. Visual symptoms, one sided body numbness, confusion, photophobia and headache are characteristic symptoms of migraine headache but these can also be symptoms of stroke so it becomes important to do some further testing and neurological exam to rule out stroke.
There are other medications available for migraine like Imitrex, Topamax etc which provide a good control over migraine.
Please discuss these with your treating doctor. Take care!

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