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I am a 22 year old female and have been getting migraines for the past 4 years but only one every 2 months or so. I start getting tingling and numbness in my right hand and arm first, that is how i know a migraine is on its way. the numbness then spreads to my right leg and to the right side of my face. I get blurred vision in my right eye, my speach becomes slurred and basicaly cant fuction normally for about 2 hours while this is happening. It is sacry and a really gross feeling to the point where i sometimes vomit.
I have had a few theorys, one GP said they are mini strokes but another is sending me off for a cat scan to check for a tumor. are these normal signs for a particular type of migraine or should i be concerned?
If this is a certain type of migraine  or mini strokes can this be treated and will they leave any long term effect as since the last one i have noticed that i am having difficulty stringing a sentance together sometimes and forget the appropriate words to use when speaking and my memory is not as good as it was.
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Thanks for writing in.
Yes these can very well be symptoms of migraine. Migraine is usually preceded by aura which is characterized by symptoms like visual symptoms, ringing in the ears, tingling numbness, and slurred speech.
However stroke can also present with similar symptoms. Do you have risk factors for stroke like high BP or high cholesterol?
It is important that you get further evaluation done to make sure it is migraine and not stroke. There are very effective medications are in the market today to abort migraine attacks and also to prevent migraines.
If it is stroke then you may need to take medications to control risk factors along with low dose aspirin to prevent further stroke.
Hope this answers your question!
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omg this is the same thing that has been happening to me! everything that you said is the same symptoms i am having! i thought i was the only one going through this and i have been scared. i started experiencing them when i was 19 and pregnant, about 4 1/2 months along. the doctors all told me i was just having anxiety attacks and i knew i was stressed out so i wrote it off as that. but now i am still having them 4 years later and idk wat to think about them.
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How are you? Were you able to have these symptoms checked by your doctor? What medications are you taking right now? Hemiplegic migraines usually present with numbness along with pins-and-needles feeling, weakness, loss of balance and coordination, visual aura, language difficulties, confusion and even decreased consciousness. With migraine headaches, both preventive and abortive medications may help provide relief. If it has been four years already and it s till persists, you may benefit from further evaluation. Imaging studies such as CT scan and neurological examiantion are important. Identification of triggers and avoiding them may also help. Take care and best regards.
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