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Migraine or TIA/Stroke?

Many months ago I had what i deduced was an ocular migraine. It was a small blurry spot in my vision that grew over the course of 30 minutes, then disappeared and i felt fine. Saw a picture representation of an ocular migraine, looked like what I had, felt comfortable enough with that, forgot about it.

Well today one started again. It was a small blur spot that grew over my field of vision over the course of about 30 minutes, seemed to be affecting both eyes. I waited it out, thinking it was like the last time. However, shortly after that stopped, my left hand went very numb. The numbness then moved to my elbow. As that faded over about 10 minutes, i then started feeling numbness in my nose/mouth/face area, that lasted another 10 minutes or so and then faded. A mild headache then started and lasted for a few hours, now still lingering slightly.

Does this sound typical for a migraine? The way i had the visual aura, then the numbness aura, then the headache?

I am very concerned because between the time of the first ocular migraine i had months ago and today I have started taking Adderall for my ADD. Ive read adderall gives you a risk for stroke. Is it likely that this was just a migraine and not TIA or a stroke?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have no insurance and it would be very costly go to the ER...
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Update: same sequence of events happened hours later after work except all on the opposite side!

Can a stroke or tia happen twice like that in one day on opposite sides at different times?? Could it have been two separate migraines that effected each side???
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I get ocular migraines and will get tingling in my finger tips shortly after the aura subsides. It's a 50/50 chance I will get a headache after. I've even had the aura reoccur later the same day. I'm really tired and lethargic for the day after and tend to be nauseous for the day.
Have you seen a neurologist or had an MRI?
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This is exactly what I had last week I was at work I had facial drooping and my manager freaked out and called an ambulance I spent  night in hospital and they told me its just migranes caused from stress I was supposed to get an mri but because im 20 the doc just sent me home when I said I felt fine. I had the headache in the same spot for 3 days. Is one of the worst pains ive ever felt
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Anyone taking Tirosint? Would like some input please.
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