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Migraine/visual disturbance

I started getting migraines when I begin my Menses at age 13.  The same as my older sister.  They really got bad in my 20', and 30's with many trips to the ER for shots of demoral.  The vomiting and light and smell disturbance went along with them.  At about age 40 (5 yrs ago) I convinced my GYN to let me wear a Estrogen patch and see if it would help my migraines.  After a year I got no more migraines.  UNTIL...a year ago.  These are like no migraines I have ever experienced though.  Now bear in mind I may be peri-menopausal, as I have had a few hot flashes as well, and my periods are coming at different times and different strengths.
Ok this is what happens.  A small silver spot appears in one or both of my eyes, and as it grows into this bright jagged edged shape, that wiggles around, I may feel some tingling or just a funny feeling in my head.  Now sometimes I get pain and sometimes no headache comes.  I usually stop whatever I am doing if able, lay down and wait the 20-30 minutes for the eye disturbance to go away.  After it is gone, the pain may come or it may not,  I never know.  I was writing a post about my daughter in another forum when I saw migraines and thought I would ask, just to be sure I didn't need to worry.  This probably has absolutely nothing to do with this but I do have 3 raised lumps on my head that have been looked at by an oncologist (who I saw about something unrelated) who said I should see a dermatologist.  They don't oooze or anything, they are just there and have been for quite some time.  Just thought since it involved my head I would bring it up.  thank you!
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I feel that you are concerned about these bumps on  your head and the migraines to be correlated.Reading your post this sounds unlikely and I do agree with your physician that you see a dermatologist for this since this sounds like a skin or scalp problem.

Your migraines have been present since you were a teenager. Just some questions:

Aside from your menses, what other elements or activities trigger it?

Also, for your current symptom are there any associated symptoms like numbness, weakness, slurring of speech ?

For how long do these visual symptoms last and are they always associated with the headaches?

I will be expecting your answers.
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I  am glad about the bumps, because I do feel like they are unrelated too.
My migraines have always came at or the day or 2 before my period starts and then again 1/2 way through the cycle.  Now and for the past year, they seem to come about up to a week before and/or even a couple days after its over.  But they are not the same. The other ones were total pain and vomiting and just really sick, these are more disturbing because of how I feel with them.  Nothing else I know of ever triggers it.  At one point I thought maybe the computer did, but I have since proven that untrue.  I do have a strange feeling almost like numbness in the left side of my face and sometimes a sensation in my nose like if you got water up it.  I do get a weakness in in my arm its usually the left one.  Even if the eye disturbance is in the right one.  The eye disturbance is quite significant to the point of making it difficult to see when it encompasses my whole visual field. If it happens in both of the m I am nervous to drive if I am n the road.  The visual symptoms last anywhere from 5or6 minutes to 20 or 25.  then they just disappear and I wait to see if the pain is coming.  The pain does not always happen, but when it does happen I usually have to go to bed  because I feel so sick from it.  They don't  last as long as the ones I had when I was in my 20's and 30's as some of those last up to 3 days  These are usually 4-6 hours but sometimes when I wake up within 2-3 hours I get another one.  Thank you for your input and valuable time answering my questions.  There is a history of strokes on my mother's side of the family in case that has any bearing on this.  My maternal grandmother died at 55 of a stroke.  Just something else to add.

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Hi Francine,

This sounds like a migraine with aura . However, I always would like to stress that migraines are usually given as a diagnosis only when all other possible condition has been ruled out. I suggest you get a baseline neurologic examination with a neurologist. A cranial CT scan may be requested. Discuss with him/her the advantages of preventive migraine therapy in your case. Do the migraines occur more than twice a week ?

Migraine headaches may be triggered by stress and even hormonal changes. Some migraineurs associate their headaches with their menstrual cycle. With a family history of stroke in the family . I suggest that you seek physician consult.

Try to avoid known triggers and avoid travelling alone or driving alone. Try to get someone to accompany you at home until your condition has been properly evaluated and managed.
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