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Migraine with aura after eating steak

I ate a buffalo steak on the weekend, no immediate issues whatsoever.
Then the following morning, right after waking up I had a migraine with aura (the one where you temporarily lose part of your peripheral vision). It resolved on its own within a short time. Note that it's been around 10 years I had a migraine.

I couldn't help but think the migraine was due to the food I ate, my first instinct was that the food was infested with worm eggs and that's why I get prominent neurological symptoms (I know it sounds dumb and is unlikely). I had no issues with my digestion though, no diarrhea, no abdominal cramps, no nothing.

Do you think my fears are unfounded? If not, is there a connection between the food I ate and the symptoms?
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I would think it was a seasoning on the steak way before I'd think of something parasitic. If it was parasitic, symptoms wouldn't appear so quickly, and the symptoms would be intestinal, not a migraine.

It could also be wine, beer or another alcoholic beverage, if you had that, too. Cheese is also a possibility. Parasitic worms wouldn't even make my list of migraine triggers.
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Hello~Certain food sensitivities can occur later after eating something you are allergic/sensitive to, so, it is possible. If you still aren't feeling well or symptoms get worse, then it would be a good idea to see your GP or at least call and let him/her know what is going on.
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Thanks for the answer. The issue resolved within hours the day they occurred but I was just unsure if the food was safe. If I had a parasitic infection, would that result in these symptoms, with this timeline?
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Hello.  I had migraines related to food years ago.  It was from food flavor substitutes.  Once I cleared that out of my diet, no more migraines. So, you are worried about worms.  I've read about this. The thing to note is that when those types of symptoms appear, it is a good deal of time after ingesting the worm/larvae laden food.  It's not like the next day you'd have neurological symptoms.  I would see if anything else happens. If not, write it off as a fluke. My guess is that will be the case.  Have you eaten buffalo before?
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Thank you for the answer. Nope, I have not eaten anything "exotic" (by european standards) before. This food was ordered from a properly regulated restaurant though, not some alleyway food stand. I looked it up myself and indeed, parasitic infections produce symptoms around 8-10 weeks after ingestion and almost always feature digestive symptoms as well.

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