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Migraines- is there a cause???

I have had migraines for over 7 years and have seen many specialists, gp's and doctors about what causes them.
One of the doctor said that sleep and stress would cause them.... so I slept more, one said food... so I went to a dietition and others said I was growing up and I would grow out of them.

I need ideas of what causes them, I had had various x-rays, mri's and cat scans of my head to see the problem... but there is none. I have been various types of medications and one of the recent ones is kinda working. Does anyone have any ideas of what causes them or what to do???
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  Hello, I am sorry that you are having to deal w/ these headaches
and just as sorry that you have so many doctors telling you different things.
Now were you dx w/ Migraines (if so, what kind), or w/ tension headaches, or any other type or was it specific to Migraines. Do you have any other sx along w/ these Migraines?  Example:  numbness in limbs, tingling, spasms, balance issues, dizziness, Just wondering if there is something else going on besides the Migraines.

        Although much about the cause of migraines isn't understood, genetics and environmental factors seem to both play a role. Fluctuations in estrogen seem to trigger headaches in many women with known migraines.  Some migraines appear to be triggered by certain foods. Common offenders include alcohol, especially beer and red wine; aged cheeses; chocolate; aspartame; overuse of caffeine; monosodium glutamate — a key ingredient in some Asian foods; salty foods; and processed foods. Skipping meals or fasting also can trigger migraines.
      Stress at work or home can instigate migraines.   Bright lights and sun glare can produce migraines, as can loud sounds as well as Unusual smells.  Either missing sleep or getting too much sleep may serve as a trigger for migraine attacks in some individuals.

      I know that these are some of the things your doctors have mentioned and I am sure that you have done your part in keeping a mental note on what could be triggering your Migraines.  


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How are you? It is good that the tests done were fine. This means that there are no underlying cause to be alarmed about. Migraines, being a primary headache may be triggered by several factors such as those mentioned by Tonya. It is important that you determine which causes your headaches and to avoid them in the future. There is a Migraine tracker here in Medhelp that may help. Take care and do keep us posted.
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My understanding is that they are caused by an 'electrical storm' in the brain. Some of us have neurons that are more sensitive than others and certain triggers cause them to create this electrical storm - causing intense pain. Unfortunately there are usually so many triggers in people who have chronic migraine that many are impossible to avoid. Some of the triggers are more obvious than others and well worth avoiding. Different things work for different people - so its a case of trial and error. There's a good book written by a chronic migraine sufferer called 'A brain wider than the sky' by Andrew Levy- would probably answer many questions.
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