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Migraines and....

On reading the list of headache causes to pick from it was hard to decide which to go with for I have several...reactions to strong chemical fumes, visual disturbances, auras/halos, ocular migraines, and left sided headaches.  Recently a MRI has shown 2 broad based bulging disk in the C4-C5 area and an osteophyte (again) and just this morning have found a lump (best can describe) between the area behind my left ear and the neck tendon nearest it.  Could all this be related?
For the past week have had root canal and I&D surgery for abscess in my mouth and still not discharged due to still having a hard knot in my jaw line that is sore.
Just wondering if migraines, lump, everything is tied in together since they have been worse in past few weeks?    btw, the lump is not easy to feel, its only when turn head in certain, bent way and probe deeper.  My migraines are mostly over left temple area but lately headaches are becoming stronger but not putting me to bed.
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hi, the lump is not related to migraine,which is most probably swollen lymph node due to dental infection.Well, all 3 are different conditions(migraine,headache due to cervical protusion and swollen lymph node).

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