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My 13 year old daughter developed a severe headache, nausea and vomiting three weeks ago. We have seen a pediatric neurologist, admitted to the hospital and she is still in bed with nausea, vomiting and frontal head pain. We have had a negative MRI/MRA, spinal tap and blood work was ok with just WBC and  platelets  elevated.  We started with 5 mg of maxalt, naproxen, compazine, zofran, toradol and phenergan injections. No ease of pain or symptoms! Spinal tap last Wednesday and that night, again severe headache, nausea, and vomiting. We were admitted to the hospital and given IV decadron, depakote, compazine, toradol, and Benadryl. She started to feel a little better, but we decided with the neurologist to do a cranial nerve block. After our discharge, we have continued with nausea, vomiting all weekend. We did increase her topamax to 50 mg and this is a side effect of this drug. We are truly at a loss and feel helpless. Our child is suffering, missed three weeks of school and doesn't want to do much of anything. This is so uncharacteristic of her as she is a great student and enjoys playing soccer. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Are the symptoms constant? Does anything make them worse or better? How did it all start?
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Started with headache, nausea, and vomiting. Headache location temple and occipital bone area. Pain was constant throbbing and sometimes stabbing.  Light and noise sensitive. On topamax and neurontin. Been in the hospital twice in two weeks. We are currently hospitalized since Monday. Nerve blocks to occipital bones, frontal and temporal region. Some relief, but still pain in temples. Nausea persists. I've asked that they stop the toradol  intravenously because I feel with all the steroids and NSAIDS this could be tearing her stomach up. Asked to be started on Prilosec to prevent any stomach lining problems. They want to discharge us, but she becomes Geary and doesn't want to start this process over if we have to return. Head pain still 8. Please help.
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Sounds awful!
Wish I could help. Sounds like she needs to break this vicious process somehow.
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Been in hospital for week. No relief and now has gastroenteritis from all the steroids and NSAIDS. Back to the ER and treated with viscous lidocaine and mylanta to numb stomach. This actually helped a little with stomach. I've stopped the neurontin, but have continued the topamax once daily. Now we are taking Prilosec and mylanta. This has changed my entire families life for exactly one month. It's been a living nightmare that seems as though it will never end. We just want to get back to our normal life's.
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