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My mom has never had headaches and now has migraines

My mom is 82 and starting having bad headaches two years ago. It was like a thunder bolt out of the blue with her blood pressure hitting 190. She has high blood pressure and has been on meds. for years and she had a stroke 5 years ago. We are seeing a second neurologist
and have ran a bunch of test and no one has a clue. She has gone down hill fast and im desperate for answers
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does anyone no what pannick attacks are because I have convinced my self that I must have a brain tumer or some type of cancer in my body because io keep getting pannick attacks to the stage im having like 3 pannick attacks a day because im thinking that I am dying doctors have said that I haven't got one but how would they no that if they haven't sent me for a ct scan
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The symptoms are very different -

Panic attacks - https://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/guide/panic-attack-symptoms

    "Racing" heart
    Feeling weak, faint, or dizzy
    Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers
    Sense of terror, or impending doom or death
    Feeling sweaty or having chills
    Chest pains
    Breathing difficulties
    Feeling a loss of control

Brain tumor -  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/brain-tumor/symptoms-causes/syc-20350084

General signs and symptoms caused by brain tumors may include:

    New onset or change in pattern of headaches
    Headaches that gradually become more frequent and more severe
    Unexplained nausea or vomiting
    Vision problems, such as blurred vision, double vision or loss of peripheral vision
    Gradual loss of sensation or movement in an arm or a leg
    Difficulty with balance
    Speech difficulties
    Confusion in everyday matters
    Personality or behavior changes
    Seizures, especially in someone who doesn't have a history of seizures
    Hearing problems

Your doctors probably know that you don't have the symptoms of a brain tumor. You may want to post in our Anxiety forum for more support - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/71

We wish you the best.

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Ask her doctor if she can take Amitriptyline (Elavil) daily for pain management.  I've been on it for about 11 years, and it has helped SO much!  My grandmother was on it for her Restless Leg syndrome pains before she passed.  
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I'm sorry your mom is going through this.

Was her bp increase a pain response when it went that high - has it come down since? - or has it remained that high?

Migraine can start suddenly in the elderly - https://www.webmd.com/migraines-headaches/geriatric-headaches#1 It may be a result of her stroke, or perhaps she has had some TIAs - her neurologist may be able to answer that question.

There are treatments that are safe for the elderly that may help reduce the frequency and/or severity, even if you can't figure out a cause. I hope she finds some relief.  
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she has been on BP medicine since before her stroke and it seams to control it. Thank you for your response, we are on our second neurologist  and I will ?? him about that.
You're welcome! Let us know what happens. :)
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