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Mystery Migraines? Please help. Neurologist has no answer for me !!

Hi guys , 18 Male Six foot one 150 pounds. Healthy teenager I have a good diet NO POP OR COFFEE I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night no weird habits just a normal kid! About three months ago I got a headache so severe it woke me out of my sleep ima deep deep sleeper don't snore but am very hard to wake up. Went straight to the mirror to look at myself see if anything was wrong eyes were not watering or dropping pupils weren't dilated and eyes weren't red and NO SENSITIVITY what so ever to light. But the most painful unbearable pain behind my right that seemed to wrap around my temple and to the back right side of my head. Unilateral only on right side of head. Kept me up for about an hour of horrible pain that I wouldn't wish upon my greatest enemy. Woke up and was fine. But noticed for about two weeks there was persistent residual dull head pains coming from the back of my head sometimes in my temple it would throb real hard like 1 time and it stops you in your tracks whatever you're doing last for about two seconds then goes away happened everyday about 20 times a day for two weeks straight. Finally went away and for a two months or so went pain free totally forgot about it. About two weeks ago while watching a movie on tv i had this crazy vision onset of almost a mirage like the heat waves on a road and it was happening in both eyes everywhere my eyes looked I saw like a transparent halo in the middle of my vision that seemed to follow me wherever I looked I knew something was right so I got up went in look at the mirror and couldn't see eyes doing anything wrong again no drooping watering redness nothing and no pain at that point just a visual disturbance an NO SENSITIVITY to light. Went in laid down in bed and here came the migraine exact same as the one 2 months previous same spot same feeling almost worse pain though because I was awake and could feel it coming so it made it worse. At this point I just wanted to die I sat in bed for about 45 minutes couldn't take it any longer so I turned the shower on warm mind you it's a stand up shower and just say it in for about an hour it seemed to of help a little and went back to bed and passed out for about 3 hours woke up and was fine. That was the last straw though I knew I needed to see a neurologist went to him we had our little meeting was recommended I get an MRI so I got one just saw him today he said everything checks out ! So that's good. He told me I fall into two different categories of migraines and I looked them up they have no correlation to me I feel... 1.) chronic paroxysmal hemicrania 2.) Idiopathic stabbing headache

It has been about two weeks since that last episode which was only my second one and I am having twitching in my left eye and some dull pains right behind my right ear followed with the same residual throbbing pain that last about two seconds everyday about twenty times a day for the last two weeks... What gives !?! I just wanna know what category I really fall under I don't want to feel alone in this. He prescribed me indomethacin in case another episode occur so i can try that when it comes but I want to know what I'm having and why. If you have ANY advice or knowledge you want to chime in please do so ! Thanks!!
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Do know of any trends that may have triggered these attacks, such as food, medication or tasks (things to do)?  

Have u had any recent traumatic experience?
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