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Not sure where or what to do?

I am a 35 yr old female in good health EXCEPT for daily, chronic, headaches. In 2003 a hemangenomia was found in my left skull. It was surgically removed and left a rather large scar on my scalp. A part of bone was removed and replaced with metal mesh.  Since then, I have had daily headaches. At first it was connected to the surgery, but after time, the doctors said it may have been nerve damage or just a coincidence.
I have seen several specialists. Went through many types of medications, too many to list. I have had trigger point Injection in my occipital nerver, did bio-feedback, time on medication & time off (to dismiss rebound), I have elmintaed foods, smells, anything that may be a factor.
The headaches aren't defined either - they range from a "typical" migraine to cluster to tension.
I am on narcotics now and just can't take it any more.  They are getting worse.  I just had an MRI and waiting for results.  I can guarentee nothing will be there and I will continue with this horrible pain.
What can I do? What is this? I need help, but am so lost.  Is there anyone out there?
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I sound like a broken record here lately but I have recently learned that magnesium is a life saver when it comes to chronic headaches and migraines. Speaking from very recent personal experience it might be something worth mentioning to your doctor. But if he says its okay I am almost positive it will help. I recently had a spell where I was having  migraines every day for almost three months and now after just two weeks of a magnesium supplement twice a day they have all but stopped and if I do have one the pain is not nearly as intense. I hope this helps some. I was in your shoes just a couple of weeks ago. Take care. Do check with your doctor with your past medical history though just to be on the safe side.
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Thanks for writing in.
Persistent headaches are seen in patients who have undergone cranial surgeries. The pathogenesis of these headaches is not very clear it is supposed to be a combination of tension headaches and site of injury headache due to trauma to the brain.
The treatment is mainly y analgesics both opiod and non opiod. Medications like Tramadol and Ketoprofen have shown very good results.
I would also suggest you to try alternate therapies like Acupressure and Acupuncture and as suggested magnesium supplements.
Good luck!
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