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Occpital Neuralgia

My waife was in a car accident 9 months ago and has had contstant headache pain. In January, she was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia and was given a cortisone injection, - the pain got 10X worse. In February, she was diagnosed by another Doctor (Neorosurgeon), with the same condition and had a neve block performed, the pain increased by another 10X. She is now oin the hospital, the Neurodurgeon syas he can't perform surgery, pain management says they have nothing to offer.  What are the alternatives? I have read abour Occipital Nerve sectioniong. Is that an option? If so, what is the efficacy? and possible side effects?

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In intractable cases of occipital neuralgia surgical options are opted for like microvascular nerve decompression, epifacial electrical stimulation, and radiofrequency rhizotomy. They are known to provide relief in 70% cases.
You can discuss these options with her treating doctor and let us know if you have more questions.

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How did your doctor(s) come to the diagnosis of Occipital neuralgia? You say it was a constant headache (where in the head); What interval after the accident did the headache start?
The pain increased tenfold after the injection. For how long? Did the headache disappear after a while?

Best rgds,

Dr.Thomas Antony
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