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Persistent Headache

I've had a headache for 17 days now. I've had no real changes in diet, physical activity, tobacco or caffeine consumption, liquor consumption, etc. I haven't had problems w/ nausea. I have had very mild cases of vertigo, sensitivity to light and sound; although probably related, these sensitivities have been really insignificant throughout the duration of my headache. I'm not taking any medications or using recreational drugs. I've had no head trauma. I've never been diagnosed with any other physical or mental illnesses (other than depression during and after a divorce several years ago.

My headache is fairly constant with some sharp pains and a few moments where it's almost unnoticeable. Many mornings, I don't start to feel it until I get up and moving; however, most mornings it's there. Prior to this headache, I've never really had much difficulty with headaches that couldn't be cured w/in 20 mins with an Excedrin; and, headaches were few and far apart.

I've visited with a doctor (general practitioner) twice now. Following is a summary of each visit:

FIRST VISIT (after 10 days): My doctor asked many pertinent questions (the answers are covered in my first paragraph above). My blood pressure was mildly high and lowered after a 2nd test. The doctor prescribed Flexaril (5mg) and Vicodin (5/500). She then scheduled a follow-up visit (at 15 days).

RESULTS: The combination of Vicodin and Flexaril helped my headache go almost un-noticeable. I slept frequently and was very aware when the medication(s) were no longer in my system. I followed the recommended dosage between 4 and 6 hours.
The day before my second visit, I stopped taking any medication just to be aware of how severe my headache still was. It was pretty bad still; so, I kept my schedule with the doctor.

SECOND VISIT (at 15 days): My doctor asked many of the same questions. She was reluctant to schedule a CT scan and wanted to try another medication (midrin). My blood pressure was normal this visit. We discussed whether rubbing the area hurts/helps, etc; it does neither. We also discussed my sleeping habits. I've been very  much an insomniac for the past ten years or so (I just turned 40). Sometimes I sleep wonderfully and others I toss and turn all night, unable to get my mind to slow down.

RESULTS: I took the Midrin as directed for 1.5 days. It didn't seem to help with the pain at all. It also seemed like a couple hours after taking it, the pain in my head would become even worse. I've stopped taking any medications for my headache and I've notified the doctor. I have another visit scheduled with her a week from today. She is also on vacation until then; so, I'm unlikely to hear from her.

After 17 days now, I've become more than concerned about my headache and just want the pain to stop. I've tried relaxation, being very aware of my posture and support for my neck. I've also been scouring the internet to find related information or others who have had the same problem with very little luck.

If you are someone who has experienced this or are someone in the medical community with knowledge on this subject, I'd really like to hear from you with comments/suggestions. I will certainly continue  my scheduled visits with my doctor until we learn more.

Some information I'd consider very useful before I visit with my doctor again would be:

1. Similar experiences or patient experiences and treatment/outcome.
2. Symptoms to watch out for which may indicate the need to visit the emergency room.
3. Harmless, homeopathic remedy suggestions that may soothe my pain until the next doctor visit.

Thank you in advance for your response. I'm beyond worried about this headache; but, not in a panic. I've also missed way to much work (fortunately, I am my own boss).

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     When you say that you have used Excedrin, do you mean the Migraine form?  I too have suffered from many episodes like this!  It is awful!  I have been to the ER for headaches quite a few times and where I live they use a combination of Benadryl and Compasine, I think that's how it is spelled.  Compisine is an anti nausea med, yes I know it is a wierd combo, but it WORKS!  It also knocks you out!  
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1. Find the Best Neurologist you can and get an appt asap.
2. Rule out any other causes migraines are not supposed to last over 72 hours. MRI, or CT may not be unreasonable. Have your regular doctor schedule it while you are waiting to see a neurologist get it aproved by your insurance.
3. The ER is up to you. I wouldn't rule it out, see #2,
I think I was going through some thing very similar and it took a month before my regular doctor sent me to a neurologist. Truthfully I am 6 months down the road and am in a tolerable amount of pain and feeling much better, but have yet to resume a normal active life.  Current mix of meds that is working Topamax and Pamelor.
Warning: Maxalt did not respond very well to my headache which sounds very similar to yours. Neither did naproxen.
indomethacin worked for a short time but ended up giving me an ulcer.

As an emergency treatment in the doctors office I was given toradol inj, It was the only thing that provided 100% relief,(for about a day) with nerve blocker injections my head. From reading it is a pretty heavy duty treatment I wouldn't ask for it.
A lot of times doctors think people with chronic headaches are drug seekers.


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OOPs almost forgot homeopathic:

Migraines can caused by an imbalance of Calcium and Magnesium. ie more Calcium than there is supposed to be. So find Magnesium supplements with no Calcium.

Also you can search the net for more migraine friendly foods, just because you didn't change your diet doesn't mean your body didn't change how it processes the food.
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Lets go into the relevant details:-

40 M, non alcoholic, non smoker, not hypertensive; hope you are not a diabetic.
Headache 17 days  (as on 27 Nov 08)

Many questions arise:

Where in the head is it felt?
How did it start? What caused it to start?
Do/ did you have a head cold or fever or such things to start with?
Did you hit your head against anything in the past three-four months?
Is the sensitivity to light / vertigo associated with the headaches? Or do they occur independently of headache?
And finally, what do you think is the cause of headache?

Hope your vision is normal. Since you say the headache doesn’t start until you start moving in the morning I wonder if there is a cervicogenic component. One also may link the headache with the sleeplessness and depression

It may help a great deal if you include the generic name of the medicines you are taking. You have mentioned the trade names only, and the same medicine may be marketed elsewhere in different names.

Best rgds,

Thomas Antony
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