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Popping and cracking in head?

Has anyone else ever experienced a strange popping and cracking sensation in their head before? It  lasts all day and sounds and feels like rice crispies popping. It is also accompanied by a burning sensations behind my left eye. I have been experiencing terrible head and neck pains since November and the doctors cant explain it. They think i have developed classical migraines. I had an MRI scan done last week and nothing sinister came up. Could this all be stress related? Any fellow sufferers?
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I have this exact feeling I had it for one year and then I developed other neurological symptoms but am still undiagnosed. I have talked to other people that have ms and other neurological conditions that get this. My mri is normal too. This type of headache I am told comes from an area of the cervical spine. Let me know how you make out, Mya
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I started going to thr Chiropractor when I was 9 years old, back in the 70's.  Every time I went i remember my headaches were worse before they got better, but my parents insited I go since no other Dr orspecialist could figure out why I was having migranes and was passing out,  Now in my 40's I still have the same symptoms but they are much worse and after seveal injuries the Chiropractors still have yet to help.   I made an appointment with a spinal specialist who did my previous back surgery.  He is glad I called him yesterday about my neck.  The cracking you all are talking about can be degenerative arthritic changes or slipped discs.  I get a terrible crunch at the base of my skull when I turn my head a certain way then a terrible headache,  This is not my only symptom, but those with that symptom might check that out.  Back in April they x-rayed my neck and head and did MI's... and said the changes in my neck wouldnt be the cause of my headaches.  I tend to disagree, I think that a fractured vertebrae, buldging disc and osteoarthritis is enough to give anyone a eadacheespeially as the day wears on and the longer one sits at the computer holding your head in one position all day.  We will see what the neuro spinal surgeon has to say n a few weeks.  I had requested this referral months ago, but finally decided to take it upon myself to take a chance and just make the appt. myself.  Thank you heinsgil93 for the fishoil tip, it sure worth a try, the Topamax sure isnt doing what it's supposed to and nothing else I have tried recently seems to work.
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How are you?
Your symptoms are indicative of migraine, although ear infections, cervical spondylitis and sinusitis also needs to be ruled out.
Since your brain MRI is clear chances of sinusitis are very less although it is a possibility.
Stress can also cause headaches, neck pains, and pain behind the eyes.
Are you taking any medications for migraine?
Have you been able to identify a trigger for these symptoms?

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Hi myooshka,
Have you found a definite answer for this problem yet? My mom is having the cracking and popping in her head as well. She also has severe head pain at the base of her skull where the brain stem is that runs down her neck. She has had episodes of severe vertigo, eye problems, and nausea. At one point her right eye would not open and her jaw locked for five hours and all of her test comes back normal so they sent her home with stroke paperwork, but didn't diagnose her as having a stroke. The doctors are at a standstill and just shuffle her around because of her multiple symptoms. She was going to a physical therapist, but he refused to touch her and said that she needed to see her doctor concerning her spine. But once again the doctors can't find anything. I am seriously worried as her "episodes" are occurring more frequently now and she stays sick. Any info on possibilities would be helpful.
I get relief from rubbing so lightly on my head it’s ridiculous,sometimes they say that the fascia covering under the skin gets dehydrated and tightens. If you rub too hard it will make the fascia tighten more.Worth a try. Cranial sacral therapy is another option.If a bone behind the eyes is out slightly it can cause a lot of weird things including vertigo nausea and strange visual occurrences. Things seem to be moving such as a wall of bricks in my case.The bricks would move up and down as if they were vibrating .I didn’t notice until it stopped after treatment.
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It sounds as though your mother could have what they call a Chiari Malformation.  She will need to have an mri of her brain and spine for a diagnosis.  Chiari is when your cerebellum tonsils has been forced out the bottom of your skull (the forum magnum) and puts pressure on your brain stem.  There is a whole list of symptoms that is associated with this condition which include your mother's symptoms.  I am a chiari patient that's why everything she is experiencing sounds and is familiar.  If this is what she has, she will need to find a doctor that specialized in Chiari Malformations.  Hope this helps.
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I used t have anxiety attacks then one day I felt the rush of blood on my head rising from spine area then I felt all my head numb. After that I started having headaches, top of the head felt numb for years and it was constant stress on my head and there used to be cracking sound like swelling of the nerves of the head.
what did you do.
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