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Pulsating vein on right side of my forehead and headache

I've been dealing with some anxiety problems ever since September, last year, and I've been having anxiety attacks, and i eventually started learning ways that kept me calm, and then i started getting other symptoms along with the panic attacks, a swelling feeling around the throat which made me think i was having an allergic reaction to something, but i was breathing normally through my mouth, and then i started getting some minor headaches, and just last night, i was ripping up some paper and then i felt the throbbing feeling on the right side of my temple, and i started to panic because it wouldn't stop, and later i told my aunt about it, and she thought that i just acting crazy, and i asked her to take me to the doctor(which is how i foumd out that i was having panic attacks), but she said that she wouldn't take me to a doctor unless it was really serious. And then i felt a vein on my head on my temple, and then my grandmother just told me to sleep it off, and i started feeling better, but the tight feeling on my temple is still there, and now i have a minor headache that goes to the left side and right side of my head, and now i feel a vein pulsating on my left said with a headache, when i wear my glasses or headphones,  and sometimes when i'm not doing anything, but the vein goes down when I'm calm. I feel that it could be another cause of stress, but I'm not so sure.
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It does sound like you're having anxiety attacks and you could be experiencing a tension headache. Try some Excedrin. And try to do what you can to relax. If it is not better in 7 days then I recommend seeing a doctor.
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Sinus/Allergies--rule that out. One can get weird symptoms from either or both which can make you panicky. See an ENT dr. for work-up.  Swelling in the throat is not from panic attack, I doubt. You could also have food allergies---blood work can prove if that's a problem. GOOD LUCK
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